Secret Confessions: Meet Emma

This housewife is bright, intelligent and loves her family, but she’s also sensitive and prone to worry. What she lacks in confidence however is made up in her artistic flair, charm and hidden sensuality. She is dedicated to her man and there is nothing she won’t try to keep the fire in her relationship burning.

Meet Emma. She’s available today.

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Secret Confessions: Emma – Exclusive Excerpt!

SLAH_Emma_FinalEmma stepped into the bedroom, the hair on the back of her neck prickling with nerves. Excitement trilled through her body.

She could hear Rosco pad up behind her, making the hair on her forearms stand on

“Get the jeans off, I want you on all fours.”

She loved it when Rosco took control.

Her pulse quickened, all thoughts of how irritated she was by the journalist and Rocco’s inappropriate comments dissolved into a swelling heat between her legs. With speed that belied her enthusiasm, she slowly peeled off her jeans, and her knickers followed. Her skin prickled with exposure.

“Up.” He growled pointing at the bed.

Emma caught her lip between her teeth and crawled up onto the bed, her rear in full view of her husband.

“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath. His hand, hot and thrilling, touched her, gently, exploring the soft globe, finally delving between the crease in search of her tight rosebud.A moan slipped unbidden. They had long denied themselves the illicit pleasure of anal sex.

“Lachlan,” she whispered, “we shouldn’t.” Her voice was weak.

“Why?” he asked. Releasing the flesh of her backside, “we’re not getting pregnant anyway, why not enjoy it?”

Longing and sorrow battled for her attention.

Emma remembered the tight, burning thrill of anal sex. She’d forbidden it for years since they’d been trying for a second baby. She’d not allowed him to waste his semen in her arse when it could probably create a baby when placed in the correct orifice.

But had not the fertility specialist told them there was no more point in trying? Why deny them the pleasure now?

Emma swallowed a large lump manifested in her throat. “Okay,” she croaked.

She could feel Rocco’s delight whip through the atmosphere. “Cool,” he said, “stay exactly where you are.”

Emma had no intention of moving.

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Emma is available for pre-order now. The story releases 5 February 2015.

From the hottest writers in Australia comes a scintillating new series. Enter the world of Sydney’s elite, and find out what goes on behind the doors of the most exclusive addresses in the country…

Meet the Housewives of Sydney. They are wealthy, elegant, poised, and constantly in the public eye. But what goes on behind closed doors, in the private homes and parties where the cameras and paparazzi aren’t welcome? Delve into the most personal details of their relationships, their friendships and their lives. The only question is: can you handle the heat?

Travel, money, a gorgeous pro-surfer husband, healthy son, and a new house overlooking the ocean – it looks like Emma Ross has it all, but inside she’s torn apart by insecurities and her failure to have another child.

She knows that she’s putting her relationship in jeopardy, so to make up for their difficulties, Emma gives Rosco carte blanche in the bedroom. But is explosive sex enough to save a marriage that is falling apart from the inside?

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21183Originally released as Deadly Secrets, and now a print best-seller!
Jordan must save her farm from debt and sabotage – can she place her trust in a man from out of town?

Reveal – Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives

They’re wealthy, beautiful, glamorous – the elite of Sydney society.
But appearances can be deceiving.
And no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.
Until now.

GinnyEleven brand-new stories from 11 of Australia’s hottest authors, this scandalous, sexy, secretive series uncovers the privileged lives of Sydney’s affluent: their work, their families, their friends, and their men.

Each story unfolds in real time, revealing the secrets of one housewife at a time. Each is a member of the influential Double Diamond Dinner Club, and each has everything to lose if their fellow members learn of their needs, desires, and bedroom inclinations.

Debuting  6 November, with a new story every fortnight, nothing is hidden, nothing is forbidden – and nothing will ever be the same.

SLAH_Ginny_Final (6)She might live in a penthouse with harbour views, but what this housewife needs, she can only get on the rough side of town.

Virginia – Rhian Cahill. 6 November 2014
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This housewife knows who she is and what she wants and nothing is going to stop her from getting it.

Lana – Cate Ellink. 20 November 2014
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This housewife is the only one who knows just what her husband needs – and she’s going to give it to him.

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Body language may solve all communication issues for this housewife.

Emma – Viveka Portman. 05 February 2015
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Will this housewife let the past get in the way of a scorching future?

Willow – Christina Phillips. 19 February 2015
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Is this housewife just another May/December cliché?

Camilla – Mel Teshco. 05 March 2015
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SLAH_Darla_FinalThe housewife who is about to discover that bad fences can make very good neighbours.

Darla Tracey O’Hara. 19 March 2015
Meet her here.

Consider this your invitation to the most exclusive dinner party in town –
Chanel and Louboutins optional.

More information and pre-order links are available here.

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We are thrilled to welcome Auralee Wallace to the Escape Artists with this fantastic mash-up of New Adult romance and comic books, about a girl trying to find her way in the world, a journalist looking for a break, and the mysterious superhero who just wants to be left alone.

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The third in this exciting, sensual, surprising, unique series of historical romance novellas, about what goes on behind closed regency doors.

21186His search for her has been timeless, eternal, and ultimately thwarted. Until now…

A new paranormal romance from Jennifer Brassel mixes action, adventure, eternal curses, soul mates, and art. How can she walk away from the man whose face has haunted her canvasses and her dreams?

21187Job satisfaction has never been this good…

Alexis Fleming proves that workplace romances can be just the thing for a little stress relief, and a lot of fun, when a historical restorations expert meets an uptight banker. Nude paintings, blackmail, and mind-numbing sexual frustration…will either of them survive this project?

21188A small-town romance about secrets, community, and the family we make for ourselves.

This is our second novel from Louise Forster, and she takes a decidedly rural turn in this sweet contemporary romance about a big city girl who goes home to mourn her uncle and get questions answered, only to find that the answers (and the local tradies!) are nothing like she expected.

21189She can buy anything she wants, except the courage to stand up to her family. That’s where he comes in. 

A beautiful coastal romance set in the same world as It’s Love, Dude, about a billionaire Cinderella with a singular need: an ’emotional’ bodyguard to help her manage her family. How can a hero resist?


ARRA Nominees – Viveka Portman

What_Has_Been_Seen_Cant_Be_Unseen_Wallpaper_464rzConfessions of an Erotic Romance writer….

My name is Viveka Portman – I write Erotic Romance, and my book The Secret Diary of Lady Catherine Bexley is up for Best Erotic Romance in the ARR Awards.

9692The Most Common Question I get asked as an “erotic romance writer” is ‘How do you do your research?’

In response I usually look at my interviewer wink and say ‘you really don’t want to know…’ and in many ways it’s true –

But today, I’m going to let you in on a little confession.

The sex acts I write about aren’t always what titillate me personally, but I do I try to think of things that will titillate other people.

Wow – that sounds bad.

Allow me to elaborate. In the world of sex there is so much more out there than just ordinary, missionary action. Of course we all know that, but keeping the sex in your book fresh and exciting without compromising your computer security by visiting porn sites can be a challenge. Imagination can only get you so far….

So, last year, a friend and I set out to do some research at an expo about sex.

Sorry to disappoint but frankly there was very little sexy about this expo apart from the name.

We entered the venue – after being handed a ‘goodie bag’ (these aren’t goodies like those at ARRA conventions that you put on your bedside table TBR pile for later. Oh no – these are the goodies you lock in a drawer in your bedside table for later!)

We were then confronted with a gentleman painting portraits with his penis. Yes, he had a very stretchy appendage, let me tell you. It was a fascinatingly HORRIBLE spectacle. My eyeballs are beginning to bleed, just remembering it. See how I suffer for my art?

However, to be fair, his portraits were remarkably good.

Next there was a burlesque show. The costumes were nice. Really that’s all I can say, because I was so distracted by the enormous breast implants of the dancer everything else faded into the background.

Then there was the ‘ladies’ room’ in which we watched a number of ‘full monty’ male strippers. These gentleman really did have the balls to bare it all – it was just a shame about their members – unfortunately rather diminutive to the erotic romance writer’s eye.

omg-im-so-retro*note to self… not all men have big wingwangs, especially, it seems, strippers.

I feel I must mention my disturbing conversation with a male submissive who had a blood play fetish, just in case I ever choose to write a paranormal of that genre. Did you know there is a difference between blood play and needle play? No? I do now. Suffice to say, the video footage that accompanied the gentleman was something I’d rather not have witnessed – though it created a convenient opening for an interesting discussion about the pleasure receptors being heightened by the stimulation of pain receptors. Now where can I fit that in a book?

What came next? Oh yes… the ‘toy’ stalls.

I don’t know what comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘toy’… but I can bet it wasn’t urethral stretchers or butt-plugs the size of butternut pumpkins.


The range of ‘toys’ was phenomenal, really it was, and, yes, I did ask the girl at the stall if she actually sold any of the rather bizarre numbers. She said ‘yes’, she most certainly had.

We took some time dissecting and studying the toy stalls, with the kind of horrified fascination you have when you watch ‘Embarrassing Bodies’. Then I found a homemade soap stall – and brought some cake-shaped soaps for home – my only purchase at the entire expo.

It’s true!

When I got home my husband cheekily asked, ‘how was the expo?’ What could I say? Really? Had it changed or enhanced my own sexuality? Probably not. Had it scarred my brain with images of needle play, fake breasts and urethral stretching? Yes indeed it had.

My reply, in short, was ‘What has been seen cannot be unseen’.

Needless to say, my eyes have been opened wide (perhaps by some strange apparatus someone with an eyeball fetish may like to use) to the extraordinary breadth and depth of human sexuality that I may (in some degree) use to entertain my readers in the years to come.

Happy voting!

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