Happy 4th of July!

july4thHappy Independence Day to all of our American readers and friends, and special fireworks go to our American Escape Artists:

18880Beth Fred!

19223Carly Drake!

21488JM Bray!

19228Katherine Givens!

19569MA Grant!

18615Nell Carson!

20378Robyn Rychards!

19726Sarah Daltry!

19913Scarlett Dawn!

19720Sunny Cole!

19222Tara Chevrestt!

19911Nicole Flockton! (Nicole is an Aussie living in the US)

Apple pie for everyone!

Chill Out

As Australia swelters under a heat wave, may we humbly offer some refreshingly cool stories to help while away the time as you huddle in front of the air conditioner with the curtains drawn and the lights off?

19909Jane O’Reilly’s The Holiday Survival Guide features winter camping. That’s right – there’s snow, there’s a tent, there’s even potential frost bite.

19723Sure, it may be a little out-of-season, but is that any reason to turn down One Sweet Christmas from Darlene Fredette, a story about a snowy small town with ski hills?

8879Our Canadian hero in this sweet story teaches our Australian hero how to ice skate during a snowy Calgary winter – Finding Elizabeth from Louise Forster.

19729Nothing like some ice vampires to chill your blood! Ros Baxter’s White Christmas.

18615A snowball fight plays a crucial scene in Not Your Average Joe, a Cinderella-style romance from Nell Carson.

9505And, finally, last but not least, One Hot Winter’s Night from Serenity Woods features an ice hotel. Think about that, while trying to sleep tonight, when even the linen seems to be a heat source!


What’s your favourite ‘cool’ story? We’d love to hear any and all suggestions. *wipes sweaty brows*