Friday Five: Amanda Knight

2796Author: Amanda Knight
First Published with Escape: April 2017
Favourite Romance Trope: I do love the redemption trope… can’t go past a good military/protector one either!
Ideal Hero: a man strong of mind and body, and who displays honour, integrity and loyalty in action and thoughts – he is a man of his word, knows what he will and won’t stand for, and doesn’t waver, unless it is to protect someone he loves. He has well developed EQ and IQ, and has a non-arrogant self-confidence. He is fiercely protective of those he loves, intensely passionate and if ever he can give his heart (I do love a bit of a tortured hero!) it will be deeply and a one time only thing! My perfect hero also loves a strong, smart woman who makes him want to be the best man he can (even if it takes him a while to realise it!) someone who can push his buttons, make him ask the hard questions of himself, and have him always want to get back to her when they’re apart… above and beyond anyone, and anywhere else.
Ideal Heroine: She is a strong, smart women who also has a vulnerable side (that isn’t evident at first.) There’s something about her that allows others to feel safe. My ideal Heroine isn’t perfect, but can hold her own amongst her peers (with men and women), but doesn’t see it as a male/female thing, simply a ‘person’ thing to be the best she can be. She doesn’t let anyone treat her any less than she deserves, no matter the circumstances. She holds people accountable for their actions, and also allows him to redeem their mistakes, with their dignity still intact. She’s gutsy without being reckless, and has the courage, the tenacity to do what needs to be done, even when she is terrified. She can say she’s sorry, and admit to her mistakes. She’s not afraid to be real.
Latest Book: Situation Critical

What came first: the plot or the characters? What did you find more difficult to write?

It’s always different for me… but for Situation Critical – a character came first! My initial inspiration was for Finnegan, and then, the skeleton of a plot came to life which in turn inspired Nate, then Beth and lastly my villain, Lawson. I find the plot points the most tricky to write, because I usually know my characters, and have an idea of where they’re going… it’s just figuring out the vehicle I am creating to get there, it sometimes doesn’t come to me as quickly as I’d like!

Where do you like to write? How do you write?

Where do I like to write… hmm, ideally, it would be in either a cabin in the mountains, where it is perennially winter, with an open fire and endless piping hot tea (during the day) and a good shiraz (in the evening!) OR in an Hampton-esque modest home with huge verandahs and luscious lounges, close to the ocean… also in winter with the beverage preferences as per the cabin! But seriously…

Writing Space (Amanda Knight)

I write in my office, at my desk (where I can close the door when the family are home) or at the dining table (big windows, lots of light) when there’s no one else around. I also write on the train heading into work (that’s usually scribbling ideas in my notebook), at the library when my home is just too busy for concentration, and sometimes, at my local café where the comings and goings become a little like white noise, that somehow helps me immerse in the words. Although, once, I had a fellow guest tap me on the shoulder, and ask if I was alright – I’d been writing a scene where my villain killed someone, and it seems my facial expressions whilst doing so were a little alarming! Perhaps public writing isn’t such a good plan?!

Can you give any advice to aspiring authors out there? And/or what is some of the best writing advice you have received?

My advice for aspiring authors: Keep. Going. Don’t. Stop. I keep this picture on my wall… (the two men digging in the diamond mine) because I have experienced the ‘almost there’ so many times before Situation Critical was accepted. If you want it bad enough, if you persevere, keep honing your craft… listen to feedback, continue to learn, work out how it all ‘works’ best for you, your voice, your circumstances, and do it all with respect and dignity for both yourself and those you’re working with… success will come. I truly believe that! Also, behave like a published author no matter where you are on your journey… be kind to people, build your networks, be gracious.

What drew you to contemporary romance?

What draws me to writing contemporary romance? In essence, I think it is the hope that romance inspires in the reader. I love the possibility, that we as writers, can maybe encourage someone to take that step, make that call, seek that help, follow that dream – and truly make a difference to their lives. I think as writers, we have the gift of being able to show that people can be in bad circumstances and still remain good souls. That people can overcome the most hideous adversities… that someone can be broken, bitter and incapable of giving or receiving love… but when the right person comes into their lives, anything is possible, and hearts and souls can mend… I believe that a deep and soul stirring love is the most glorious of feelings, and that kindness, and the gift of caring for another being, allowing them to be ‘good enough’ no matter how bruised and broken they appear at first, brings rewards that cannot be measured… and as writers, we have the wonderful opportunity to capture all of this, and share it, within the pages of a book.

What are your favourite books/authors to read (maybe pick 3)? Romance or otherwise? What draws you to those books?

I have quite an eclectic taste in books. I don’t actually have a distinct favourite genre… Outside of the works of my author friends, I’ve a number of books by Honey Brown, JT Ellison and Sandra Brown, as well as Diana Gabaldon, JR Ward, Liane Moriarty and Emily Giffin… amongst SOOO many others. I have a very special place on my shelves for authors D’Arcy Niland, Ruth Park and Dymphna Cusack – Australian authors who greatly inspired me when I was younger, and first started writing seriously.

What draws me to a book? If I read a review or blurb that interests me, or have been recommended a book (and it generally interests me), I’ll give it a whirl (I am partial to investigating a book due to liking its cover too!) Once I’m inside the pages, I’ll keep reading if the characters weave their way into my heart, or have me asking questions I want to know the answers to, quickly. I also like to see evidence of the development potential of the character within the first chapter or two… especially the characters I want to dislike but can’t quite, yet. I love clever mystery/suspense/intrigue plots, with enough setting that I can hear, see, smell where I am. Sharp witty or heart-wrenching dialogue grabs me, as does triumph of the human spirit stories such as The Help, To Kill A Mockingbird and The Book Thief.

My favourite part of reading is immersing in other lives, moments, and sometimes, historical events… I love the notion (and believe to my core) that words change lives… even if it’s only momentarily… and when I read a book that captures me, the entire world outside the pages doesn’t exist… pure escapism!

So I read in your bio that you have some adorable pets… do they hinder or help you when you write?

Bonnie’s a constant, no drama, positive presence whenever I am writing… so good to have around! Definitely a ‘helper’ when I’m writing!

Vincent - superior and aloof (Amanda Knight)

As to my cat – well, he’s no Bonnie, but not really a hindrance! He’s a standoffish, super superior and very vocal Blue Point Ragdoll named Vincent… or as he’s known most of the time around here, Puddy. He’s not super snuggly or friendly, and mostly only hangs out with me if his belly or nature is calling! He will meow out a near sentence, with tone and intense stares if he needs feeding, or wants to be on the other side of whatever door he’s closest to! He rules Bonnie with a cat 1-2 slap and a ear flattened glare if she’s too overzealous when he’s deemed it a suitable activity to come out and hang with (near!) her. Interestingly though, when Bonnie was away a few days at the vet, he spent a lot of time walking in circles around her bed, and bowls, did a lot of meowing, and slept in her bed (actually, that’s a norm – poor dog sleeps on the floor, whilst the cat sprawls out in her bed!) – he was clearly missing her! Maybe he cares about others after all?!


A taut debut novel about a wounded soldier, a courageous doctor, and a dog in desperate need of a rescue

Soldier, surgeon, traitor, dog…

When Sergeant Nate Calloway is carried into the field hospital with no memory of how he got there or where the other members of his unit are,  Australian army surgeon, Captain Beth Harper cares only about repairing his broken body. But it’s clear that something went terribly wrong on the other side of the wire, and as Nate slowly recovers, he becomes more and more anxious to return to duty, go back into the field, and rescue his friends, his unit, and the bomb detection dog that he loves.

The only way Nate can be released to active duty is if a doctor agrees to accompany him, and Beth surprises everyone by volunteering. Her role is to monitor Nate and take him right back to hospital the instant that his health deteriorates enough to put their rescue operation at risk. But as she stays close, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to his courage, his determination, and his commitment to his fellow soldiers.

Instead of a straightforward recovery, however, Nate and Beth soon realise they’ve stumbled on a tangled web of deceit and danger, and the enemy is no longer outside the wire. He is one of their own, a traitor, and he has them in his scope.


Feed Your Reader – Late October Releases


From Lily Malone: a new Australian rural romance about a millionaire wine tycoon, the woman he betrayed and the second chance neither was looking for


From award-winning author Kendall Talbot comes a new romantic adventure to dive into…


In the acclaimed, best-selling The Apollo Academy, Aurora fought for her life and her chance at love. Now she’s ready to conquer the final frontier… space.

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Apple iBooks Australia is promoting the Rising Stars of Romance for the next two weeks, and many Escape Authors are featured. The best part? You can get the first book in one of their series for free!

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House on Burra Burra Lane – Jennie Jones


Just ten days after her fresh start in the isolated Snowy Mountains, Samantha Walker trips over a three hundred pound pig and lands in the arms of Dr. Ethan Granger — and the firing line for gossip. It was hardly a ‘date’ but sparks of the sensual kind are difficult to smother in a community of only 87 people. Now there’s a bet running on how long she’ll stay and what she’ll get up to while she’s in town.

Ethan has his own issues — Sammy’s presence in his childhood home brings with it painful recollections of family scandals and a bad boy youth. When the gossip around them heightens, his life is suddenly a deck of cards spread on the table for all to see. Then Sammy’s past catches up with her… and it looks like all bets are off.

(Amazon AU)

In Safe Hands – Lee Christine


She thinks she needs him, but she doesn’t know the secrets he keeps…

Threatened with the publication of naked photographs taken in her law student days, defence attorney Allegra Greenwood enlists the help of former SAS Commander Luke Neilson, unaware of his involvement in her brother’s death in Afghanistan.

In a race to stop the photographs appearing on the Internet, Luke battles a hidden enemy, his growing feelings for Allegra, and his conscience, which demands he protect a fallen comrade’s sister. As the stakes increase and more sinister motives unfold, Luke not only has to fight to save her career, he has to fight to save her life.

(Amazon AU)

Treasured Secrets – Kendall Talbot


From Romantic Book of the Year winner Kendall Talbot comes an adrenaline-fuelled new series with sexy characters, exotic locations, and action-packed adventure.

The last place Rosalina expected the clue to a 700-year-old mystery to lead is back into the arms of Archer, the one man who broke her heart. But neither can solve the puzzle without the other, so together they set off on a new adventure, weaving from Tuscany’s underbelly to Archer’s luxurious yacht in the Greek Islands, trying to ignore the sparks that still fly unhindered between them.

Archer desperately wants to salvage the relationship he shattered years before, but fighting for Rosalina’s love soon takes a back seat to fighting for their lives. They aren’t the only one on the trail for the treasure, and their competition isn’t bothered by ethics and morals to achieve their goals. With evil close on their trail, and Archer wrestling with the remnants of a childhood tragedy, Rosalina begins to wonder if perhaps there are some secrets that were never meant to be revealed.

(Amazon AU)

A Life Worth Living – Amanda Canham


For lovers of Marion Lennox and Fiona Lowe comes a sweet, touching novel about secret desires and second chances, set in the intriguing world of sleep medicine.

Dr Cameron Lewis has been running from his past for a long time, so when a career opportunity opens up in his hometown of Brisbane, he takes it as a sign to move home and pick up the pieces of his life. But his vow to never have a child remains steadfast — it’s the one thing he can’t compromise on.

Nurse Stacey Carter has always craved a family of her own, and, following a bitter divorce and the death of her mother, she finally decides to make her dreams come true. She doesn’t need a man to help, but she can’t help thinking that the new doctor in the Sleep Medicine ward might be the ideal alternative…

(Amazon AU)

Bound By Her Ring – Nicole Flockton


Luciano Morelli has perfected a plan to get revenge on his runaway wife; confronting her at the opening gala for her father’s hotel. What he didn’t plan on was the flaring of emotions the moment he sees her again.

Jasmine Anderson has no memories of her husband. Her only link to him is the wedding rings she wears. Luciano storms back into her life announcing he is her husband, demanding she join him on a business trip or see her father’s livelihood crumble.

Passion reignites as they rediscover what first drew them together. But more than just memories are lost. Can their bond be rebuilt or will secrets infect their already shattered trust?

(Amazon AU)

The Chieftain’s Curse – Frances Housden

8883 (1)

Nominated for the 2014 RITA Award for Best Historical Romance
Euan McArthur is a chieftain in need of an heir.

While still a young a warrior, Euan incites the fury of a witch. She retaliates with a curse that no wife will ever bear him an heir. As he buries his third wife and yet another bonnie stillborn son, Euan can no longer cast her words aside.

Morag Farquhar is a woman in need of sanctuary. With a young relative in tow, Morag flees the only home she has ever known to escape her brother, Baron of Wolfsdale, and find sanctuary in the MacArthur stronghold. Pronounced barren by a midwife, Morag is of little value to her family, but a Godsend to Euan, a lover he can’t kill by getting with child.

Years ago, chance drew them together, and tangled their lives in ways they could never have imagined. This time their destiny lies in their own hands, but it will take courage and strong hearts to see it through to the end.

(Amazon AU)

Insecure – Ainslie Paton


The worst thing a man can do is not be with the woman he loves.

She could have him sacked quicker than licking her lips. He could ruin her reputation with an email.

Jacinta was the CEO in waiting. Mace was the geek from IT. She had an office suite on the top floor. He worked in cubicle hell.

She had power, influence, her life mapped out. He had big dreams, and an appetite for risk.

They had one hot night written all over them, except the city conspired to turn that night into a weekend of unexpected passion and deep connection.

Will love be enough when Jacinta’s star falls and Mace’s dream takes flight, or will ambition, expectation and insecurity pull them apart?

(Amazon AU)

By The Sword – Alison Stuart


From award-winning author Alison Stuart comes a stirring historical trilogy about soldiers, spies, and the strong women that love them. 

England 1650. In the aftermath of the execution of the King, England totters once more on the brink of civil war. The country will be divided and lives lost as Charles II makes a last bid to regain his throne.

Kate Ashley finds her loyalty to the Parliamentary cause tested when she inherits responsibility for the estate of the Royalist Thornton family. To protect the people she cares about, she will need all her wits to restore its fortunes and fend off the ever-present threat of greedy neighbours.

Jonathan Thornton, exiled and hunted for his loyalty to the King’s cause now returns to England to garner support for the cause of the young King. Haunted by the demons of his past, Jonathan risks death at every turn and brings danger to those who love him. Finding Kate in his family home, he sees in her the hope for his future, and a chance at a life he doesn’t deserve.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Worcester, Jonathan must face his nemesis, and in turn, learn the secret that will change his life forever. But love is fragile in the face of history, and their lives are manipulated by events out of their control. What hope can one soldier and one woman hold in times like these?

(Amazon AU)

The Secret Diary of Lady Catherine Bexley – Viveka Portman


In the vein of Portia Da Costa and Charlotte Featherstone, Regency England gets just a bit raunchy in this novella about a gently-raised lady who wants to feel like a woman…

“I have never seen fit in my life to divulge my secrets in a diary, yet now, after today’s proceedings, I do…”

Lady Catherine Bexley is new to marriage and the marriage bed, but surely there must be more to it than this? Her husband is proper and perfunctory — treating her with careful respect but leaving her aching for more.

When she witnesses a gentleman disciplining a maid at a house party, the ache explodes into ravenous desire. She finds herself no longer willing to wait for her husband’s stiff and passionless attentions — and soon develops a naughty plan to finally get what she wants.

(Amazon AU)

Words Once Spoken – Carly Drake


YA meets high fantasy in this lush series debut about a girl who never quite fit in — and the reason why…

Evelyn might not love the confines of her village life, but she takes her small freedoms where she can get them. But everything changes when her parents decide it’s time for her to wed. Suddenly she loses her tunic and breeches, her bow, her horse, and gains rigid gowns, restrictive manners, and carriage rides.

The best way to escape is through her dreams, but as they become more and more real, Evelyn begins to worry that she is losing her grasp on reality. It is only when she makes two new friends that the truth is revealed: she is destined for far, far more than even she could imagine.

(Amazon AU)

King Hall – Scarlett Dawn


A fresh, meaty, sink-your-teeth-in-and-hold-on-tight new adult fantasy series kicks off with King Hall…

King Hall — where the Mysticals go to learn their craft, get their degrees, and transition into adulthood. And where four new Rulers will rise and meet their destinies.

Lily Ruckler is adept at one thing: survival. Born a Mystical hybrid, her mere existence is forbidden, but her nightmare is only about to start. Fluke, happenstance, and a deep personal loss finds Lily deeply entrenched with those who would destroy her simply for existing — The Mystical Kings. Being named future Queen of the Shifters shoves Lily into the spotlight, making her one of the most visible Mysticals in the world. But with risk comes a certain solace — her burgeoning friendships with the other three Rulers: a wicked Vampire, a wild-child Mage, and a playboy Elemental. Backed by their faith and trust, Lily begins to relax into her new life.

Then chaos erupts as the fragile peace between Commoners and Mysticals is broken, and suddenly Lily realises the greatest threat was never from within, and her fear takes on a new name: the Revolution.

(Amazon AU)

Legend Beyond the Stars – SE Gilchrist


Seeking redemption from a mission gone terribly wrong, Captain Alana Knight volunteers to aid a dangerous operation to transport colonists between Earth and alien traders. But on board the spaceship, she learns of a galactic war raging for power. A power that can be transformed into a terrible weapon.

When the colonists are betrayed and sold, Alana’s mission is re-defined. Nothing will stop her from keeping those in her care safe and finding a passage home. But her new captor is nothing like she expects…

Commander Tarak El Rajan is human, male and equally determined to retain his payload. With his race on the brink of extinction he is under strict orders to transport all females to the planet Isla for research purposes.

In a world of uncertainty, where the wrong decision could mean the death of an entire race, the last thing either of these two soldiers expects or needs is to fall in love.

(Amazon AU)

Out of Rhythm – Shona Husk


They might be one of the hottest up-and-coming bands in Australia, but the members of Selling the Sun have a lot to learn about life, love, sex, and each other.

Coming off a successful Australian tour and prestigious industry award nominations, Gemma Field’s life should be perfect. Instead her parents want her to get a real job, the second album isn’t coming together, and her best friend, Kirsten wants nothing to do with her.

Falling for her best friend was never going to make life easy. After an almost accidental drunken kiss almost six months ago, they aren’t even talking. Gemma can’t even talk about it with anyone – not her family, not her bandmates, not even the one person she used to share everything with. Instead she lives in a space of indecision and pain, and it’s affecting all aspects of her life, including the band.

Kirsten Vincent missed Gemma like crazy, but did she miss her as a friend or as something more? She’s confused and Gemma is hurt, and the consequences of a bad decision will affect more than their personal lives. Will another kiss, a sober kiss, a kiss with intent, do more damage, or could it be the start of something more?

(Amazon AU)

The January Wish – Juliet Madison


From Escape’s queen of ro-magic comedy comes a sweet, emotional contemporary romance about the pleasures of making a wish and seeing it come true.

When Dr Sylvia Greene makes an impromptu wish at the Tarrin’s Bay Wishing Festival, it’s the most out of character action she can think of. Hers is not a life of wishes. Hers is a controlled life of order, plans and preparation…of science and research and diagnosis and treatment. But her past has been weighing on her mind, and decisions made long ago have far-reaching consequences.

A week later, the daughter she secretly gave up for adoption at sixteen arrives in Sylvia’s small coastal town with secrets that can’t be shared. Between feelings of guilt, gossip, and a growing attraction to an emotionally unavailable colleague, Sylvia’s well-ordered life is soon thrown into chaos. She is no longer alone, and for the first time she feels as if her world is open to possibilities.

They say be careful what you wish for, but, for Sylvia, the unexpected consequences may be just what the doctor ordered.

(Amazon AU)

Children of the Mist – Jenny Brigalow


An original paranormal YA about an unconventional girl, an unconventional boy, their extraordinary transformations, and the secrets of the Scottish Highlands.

When skater girl Morven Smith turns sixteen, she develops boobs, acute appendicitis…and a pair of pointy teeth. While she is stunned by her metamorphosis into vampire, her best mate, the enigmatic Zest, is not. For the young werewolf, Morven’s transformation is an answer to his lonely prayers.

But they are unable to celebrate their mutual paranormalcy for long — there are too many dangers, too much suspicion, and too many questions. It’s only in Scotland that Morven can learn the truth about her past. But she discovers more than she bargained for when she meets her birth family — an ancient feud between vampires and werewolves. They may both be Children of the Mist, but only one species can survive.

(Amazon AU)

Beckoning Blood – Daniel de Lorne


A gripping,  blood-drenched saga about twin brothers, the men they love, and the enduring truth that true love never dies  — no matter how many times you kill it.

Thierry d’Arjou has but one escape from the daily misery of his work at a medieval abattoir — Etienne de Balthas. But keeping their love a secret triggers a bloody chain of events that condemns Thierry to a monstrous immortality. Thierry quickly learns that to survive his timeless exile, he must hide his sensitive heart from the man who both eases and ensures his loneliness…his twin brother.

Shaped by the fists of a brutal father, Olivier d’Arjou cares for only two things: his own pleasure and his twin. But their sadistic path through centuries is littered with old rivals and new foes, and Olivier must fight for what is rightfully his – Thierry, made immortal just for him.

(Amazon AU)

July New Releases: Feed Your Readers!


When faced with the choice between the life she’s built and the duty she’s left behind—what’s a reluctant princess to do?


From SE Gilchrist comes the next big thing: The Starburst Rock Band – coming to a galaxy near you…


Jaz is back in another explosive mission – but her hardest task is keeping her secret from her friends…

Books Seeking Readers – Last Chance at True Love!

Books seeking readersWe hope you’ve found your match, but we at Escape strongly advocate playing the field – at least when it comes to reading 😉 Here are the last of our lonely books, looking for love!

Exciting medical drama seeks reader who enjoys workplace romances, sexy beach interludes, and men who try to fix things. A love of sweet romance and interfering sisters is a must.

Find true love here.

Rough-around-the-edges sci-fi romance seeks reader to engage in snarky battles of will, revel in fashionable corsets or manly body armour, and get excited about exploring a brand new world. Grace under fire needed as random fire-fights with mercenaries are likely to occur. Accurate aim and knowledge of battlefield mechanics would result in everlasting devotion and vaguely proclaimed, masculine words of an emotion that is most likely love, although that will never be explicitly admitted.

Find true love here.

Smart-assed, grown-up romantic comedy, seeks reader with love of wisecracks. Appreciation of 80s music, 70s disaster movies, bad hair days, and a touch of murder a plus. Must be willing to handle peanut butter, have a good sense of humor, and know the value of friendship. An understanding that pizza is sexy is desirable. Aptitude for keeping government secrets, and juggling two jobs at once while finding unexpected love is essential.

Find true love here.

Country story of the snazzy variety seeking romance reader who loves Chardonnay, humour, shooting stars and seeing how a city-chic designer loses her cool when faced with being secluded for 12 days and nights with a strong, muscly stonemason housemate. (Interest in straw hats and wellies of use.)

Find true love here.

Enchanting, emotional book seeks reader who’s ever made a wish and wondered what would happen if it came true. If family, community, and following your passion is important to you, then we are a perfect match. I look forward to taking a stroll with you through Miracle Park, making a wish in the fountain, and watching the ocean waves tumble onto the shore. I’ll give you a date you’ll never forget.

Find true love here.

Road trip story that breaks all the speed limits seeks reader interested in undercover heroes, heroines on the run, and the need to buckle up. No fear of gravel rash for readers who like their heroes in control and their sexual tension suspended.  BYO snacks.

Find true love here.

Sweet medical romance seeks reader who isn’t afraid of a good cry. Must love nice guys, determined women, and tortured emotions.

Find true love here.

Forty-something, romantic comedy looking for reader with experience in renovating homes and love lives. Proficiency with power tools and puppies optional, but may be useful when dealing with learner-driver teens and nonagenarians buying Dr Pepper and condoms. All applicant readers must be willing to listen to Iron Butterfly, eat onion rings, and deal with rats of all sizes. Reader must be prepared for kissing for all ages.

Find true love here.

Futuristic romantic comedy seeks understanding reader with good empathy skills, who will support a 25 year old model trapped in 50 year old’s body as efficiently as a slimming spandex bodysuit. Or at least enjoy laughing at her. Especially when she gets trapped in the slimming spandex bodysuit. Perfect date: bungy jumping, followed by a better-than-sex facial, a ride on a ferris wheel (which may or may not involve getting stuck at the top), and a wild and wacky costume party.

Find true love here.

Angsty billionaire romance with sidebar fat girl social commentary seeks reader who likes her billionaires to work for it, her heroines to have their own super charged lives, and doesn’t mind reading with her heart in her throat and her backside on the edge of the seat.

Find true love here.

Above and Beyond – The Beginning: Chapter 6

Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Part 4 is here. Part 5 is here. This, sadly, is the last installment – but luckily you can find details about Roxy and Rob below!

Chapter Six

Roxy woke encapsulated by a powerful male body. Rob. She smiled and moved just slightly. Why would anyone ever want to move from this? She could feel his cock, soft, between her pussy lips. It also felt decidedly damp down that way, and she throbbed a little, in a good way. In a not-long-had-an-orgasm way. Did he? Her fingers went to her moist pubic hair, yep he did. He never penetrated her.

Jesus, for a male prostitute he sure was an upstanding citizen. Her body tingled from the many positions where she’d found climax, and the thoroughness in the way he’d fucked her. Oh man. Just five more minutes here.

Then her brain kicked into gear. What was the time? Her plane left at midday. She had to be at the airport by eleven, and the stream of light coming through the crack in the curtains seemed awfully bright. She threw Rob’s arm from over her and leaped from under the covers. The digital clock display blinked at her from the sideboard. Holy shit! It was already ten thirty.

“You okay?” His deep voice thrilled through her even in her panicked state.

“It’s fucking ten thirty and I have a plane to catch and I haven’t done anything I was going to do, and you’re still here, and…this won’t cost me any extra, will it? Because I haven’t got the time to go to the website and pay more and I don’t want to be in debt to a brothel.” She scurried about shoving things into her small carry-on case, taking the free biscuits. The village children would love those.

“You’ve read How to win friends and influence people several times, huh?”

“This is no time for jokes. I cannot miss that plane. People are depending on me.” She realised he was out of bed and pulling on his clothes, and, God, she was still naked. He picked up anything he saw of hers and came over to push it into her bag. “Thanks. Can you call me a cab? Or call reception to call me one?”

“Sure.” He went to the phone.

Roxy rushed to the bathroom. She needed a shower. Lord only knew when she’d get another one, and she couldn’t go back to the island smelling of sex. But she had no time. She had to get downstairs to the taxi and would she even have time to get there?

“You have ten minutes. Jump in the shower. I’ll find you some clean clothes in your bag.”

“There’s underwear, shorts, and a t-shirt in the side pocket.” The stream of hot water coursed over her skin and Roxy got to work with the soap and flannel washing away last night. Damn.

Clothes flew through the door as she towelled herself off. “Thanks.” Why the fuck was he helping her? Maybe she was wrong, but this seemed pretty weird.

“I’ll call the airport and see about your flight.” His voice was so sexy. Stop it.

She pulled on her clothes and roughed her hair up a bit with her fingers. It would have to do.

She did a last minute scope of the suite and couldn’t see anything. Her bag, her phone, passport, visa, and her wallet were all there. She shoved her feet into her slip-on sandals. Ten minutes and she was ready. Record!

“Taxi will be waiting outside the foyer. Your flight is delayed by fifteen minutes and they’ll check you through as soon as you arrive.”

“Right.” How organised was this man? Roxy bolted out the door, dragging her case into the waiting elevator with open doors straight across the hall. He couldn’t have arranged that? He stepped in beside her.

“Well. Thanks. Um…it’s been nice.”

He glared at her across the lift and closed the gap between them in no time flat. His mouth possessed hers and she’d soon be soiling these clean panties if his tongue owned hers for much longer. As soon as she ran out of breath, he let her go, almost flung her from him. “Nice is an insult.”

“Sorry. I didn’t realise you people rated these things. My bad.” The lift doors opened and she struck out for the foyer doors and the taxi waiting there. He was close behind and if she didn’t know better, she’d say he was as mad as a meat axe.

Rob opened the back taxi door, grabbing her case and stowing it in the boot, then he got into the front seat.

“What’re you doing?” Her eyes met his in the rear vision mirror.

“I’m coming to help.”

“You’ve done enough. I’m fine.”

The angry stare she got back in answer silenced her. Okay, okay. Be anal. All the male hookers in the city and I have to get the responsible one. They travelled the fifteen minutes in awkward silence. Her body spoke to his though and his answered back in no uncertain terms. What the fuck? This was supposed to be a night of fun and then hit the road, Jack. Where was all this sexual angst coming from?

Roxy switched on her phone and waited for it to update her messages and any missed calls. Two messages. One from Juliet. One to tell her she had a voice message. She texted Juliet saying she’d slept in and would fill her in later with details. She turned her phone off to conserve what little battery power was left. The taxi navigated into the drop off zone and stopped.

“Thanks.” Roxy handed the driver thirty bucks. “Keep the change.”

Rob already had her case out by the time she got to the boot of the car. “Let’s go. You have fifteen minutes to check through.”

“I’m fine. Really.”

“No time to argue. Let’s go.” Rob took off at a blistering pace towards terminal one. Roxy had to jog to keep up.

They checked her through with lightning speed and unusual politeness. “What gate are you leaving from?” He walked beside her.

“Does it matter?” The security screening was close.

“I guess not.”

“Tell me you are not coming through the security with me?”

He didn’t say a word. He’d actually been considering it? This just got crazier.

“No. Seriously, you are scaring me. I know I paid for attentiveness, but this is a little freaky.” Roxy put her carry-on case and hand bag up on the conveyor belt.

“What if I told you that last night wasn’t my usual line of work?”

Roxy’s heart dropped through to her feet. “What?”

“Let’s just say I was doing a favour for a mate.”

“Oh. My. God. I thought…what we did….You could have told me.” Roxy’s face burned all the way down her neck.

Rob pulled her in close to his body, his arms holding her captive against him. “Would you have had as good a time if I did?”



She looked up into his deep blue eyes and somehow she couldn’t be mad. She’d wanted adventure and she’d got it. “Well, thanks, I guess. I hope I get my money back.”

“I’m sure you’ll work it out.”

The final boarding call for her flight came. “I have to go. This is totally fucked up. I don’t know what to say.”

“You are an incredible woman, Roxy Williams. Everything a man could ever want. You save that for someone special. Take care.” He kissed her on the lips, a gentle, loving, tender kiss. Her insides melted and she did not want to walk away from him. “I won’t see you again, will I?” It wasn’t a question, more of a realisation.

“It’s unlikely.”

Tears formed and she pushed away, walked through the security gate, picked up her belongings, and headed for her plane. She didn’t have time. She’d got what she wanted: Incredible sex and no strings attached. She’d gotten far more than she’d ever imagined possible and when the bite marks and sore muscles faded, Roxy was certain the memories would be strong.

She smiled at the attendant as she boarded the plane. Yes, she was happy. That was once-in-a-lifetime stuff. Now she had a job to do revealing the truth. One day, just maybe, she’d find that kind passion to keep for a lifetime. Roxy knew she could never settle for anything less now.

Wait. How did he know her last name?

If you’ve enjoyed meeting Rob and Roxy, follow their adventures even further in the action-adventure full-length novel Above and Beyond!

20833In the sticky, steamy jungles of Papua New Guinea, they fight for the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people. They didn’t expect to have to fight for their own.

All investigative journalist Roxy Williams wanted was a hot one-night stand: quick, dirty, and completely one-off. A business transaction to ease stress, loosen tension, and allow her to get right back to her job — exposing the heart-breaking realities of people smuggling. So when all hell breaks loose in a small village on Papua New Guinea, the last person Roxy expects to see is her one-night-stand and male escort, Rob, with a boat, a beach, and an escape plan!

Rob is supposed to be long-gone from this assignment, but after their one night together, he can’t seem to let Roxy go. Using all his resources, Rob risks his job to keep track of her — and when a huge storm threatens, he goes after the sexy journalist. Now they’re together, in danger, and fighting for their lives. People smuggling is a big money industry, and the smugglers are playing for keeps.

Above and Beyond – The Beginning: Chapter 5

Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Part 4 is here. Still NSFW. 

Chapter Five

Roxy shovelled noodles into her mouth like it would be her last meal. By the way Rob was packing it away; he’d worked up an appetite too.

She looked away when he looked at her. Felt kind of weird to try and make small talk over Singapore Noodles after the way they’d explored each other’s bodies. The actions and feelings were intimate, yet there was no way they could possibly be.

She’d paid good money for him, and he presumably would be doing this all again with a different woman tomorrow. Less than twelve hours, and she’d be fighting off the mozzies in the village.

There was some work she had to do online, and some calls to make. She’d had her money’s worth, way more than that. She should sleep and then do her research before she had to get back on the small plane. But a part of her didn’t want to break the connection with him, the in-control girl wanted to hold on a little bit longer.

“You want me to go?”

She glanced at him. “What makes you think that?”


“I have some stuff to do before I go back tomorrow.” She shrugged not wanting to commit to telling him to go. This huge suite would be empty without him.

“You could go the next day.”

“Can’t. I hitched over on a small motorboat, and the flights only go once a week.”


“So really I should get my stuff done, and sleep.”

“Yeah. Still, a sleep cuddled up to you would be awesome.”

What? “Does that happen with other…clients?”

“You aren’t other clients.” Honesty shone through his sparkling eyes.

Roxy’s heart flipped over. Stop with the feelings crap, she told herself. He is paid to sleep with women. Lots of women. “Special favours?”

“Something like that. You don’t want to be alone yet, do you?”

“A couple of hours sleep. That’s all.”

Goddess. It was the only word he could think of as her pert backside pushed into him, and her taut nipple hardened under his fingertips. Her deep breathing told him she slept; her occasional murmuring told him of her satisfaction. The scent of her soft hair told him he didn’t want to hold another woman, ever.

Exactly the position he couldn’t afford to be in, and he should leave now. Stuff it. What harm had been done? They’d both gotten something they needed, and she didn’t have his last name. Plus she was safe. Safe in his arms.

Her toned body pushed back into him again, and he responded. Her nipples, taut and irresistible, perked further as he coaxed each in turn. His erect cock pressed lengthways between her moist folds and he moved back and forth in silent rhythm. Slow, so as not to wake her. She murmured, and he stilled. How easy it would be to slip inside her tightness. Instead, he resumed his strokes, and she pushed back into him. He snaked his hand down her belly, the softest of her flesh was there, but beneath he felt the powerful muscles. Soft hair met his fingertips and he rested there a while. Could a woman orgasm in her sleep? Her arousal was clear as his cock slicked between her folds, but he never entered her. She was hot and moist making his actions easy. He parted her, pressing a fingertip to her clit. She moved, murmured, gave a slight tremble, then breathed out and relaxed. Rob kept a steady, calm stroke going with his cock. He wouldn’t fuck her. Not without protection. Her body tensed, and her breath shortened. He slipped two fingers between her pussy lips and heightened her arousal with fast pulses until Roxy whimpered a little and he knew he had her on the edge. He slowed. He kissed her shoulder, and then nipped it with his teeth. She shuddered. Those pre-climax trembles started and he kept his finger moving over her engorged bud, pressing a little more, working into the very centre where it was most sensitive.

The way she reacted to him, even in her sleep, had him on the edge of control. Her panting came hard and a small cry in the back of her throat signalled her release. Rob couldn’t hold his back either, and he let go to a slow, powerful orgasm that rocked his body.

When her body had stilled and her breathing had evened again, he tightened his arms around her. She moulded back to him, a perfect fusion, and Rob felt happy. He didn’t have much experience with the emotion, but he was certain this was it. With a woman who thought he sold himself for sex.

Best damn sex he’d ever had. Would ever have, because he knew that Roxy had been uninhibited for a good reason. She had paid for an experience — she had no expectations to fill. If he confessed now, she’d feel embarrassed and hurt. She’d feel violated and used. He knew those feelings well, and he wouldn’t put her through that.

In time, he’d forget the softness of her skin, the way she screamed as she came, the shudders her orgasm gave her, the orgasms he gave her. He’d be off this case in a month. His boss assured him arrests would be made by then and the case closed.

Meanwhile, he’d be back in Tassie, doing the right thing for once. For the rest of his life. Fuck.

Final installment is tomorrow! We hope you’ve been enjoying this story!

20833In the sticky, steamy jungles of Papua New Guinea, they fight for the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people. They didn’t expect to have to fight for their own.

All investigative journalist Roxy Williams wanted was a hot one-night stand: quick, dirty, and completely one-off. A business transaction to ease stress, loosen tension, and allow her to get right back to her job — exposing the heart-breaking realities of people smuggling. So when all hell breaks loose in a small village on Papua New Guinea, the last person Roxy expects to see is her one-night-stand and male escort, Rob, with a boat, a beach, and an escape plan!

Rob is supposed to be long-gone from this assignment, but after their one night together, he can’t seem to let Roxy go. Using all his resources, Rob risks his job to keep track of her — and when a huge storm threatens, he goes after the sexy journalist. Now they’re together, in danger, and fighting for their lives. People smuggling is a big money industry, and the smugglers are playing for keeps.

Above and Beyond – The Beginning: Chapter 4

Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. This is NSFW, and hot.

Chapter Four

The heated, bubbling water still over his hips, Rob took Roxy’s hands and drew her back in to the tub. The soft skin of her shoulder slid like silk under his lips. Her breasts were just over a handful of perfection, as he cupped them from behind. The citrus scent of her hair filled his nostrils as he found his way to nibble her ear.

Rock hard and wanting to lose his cock in the rippling pleasure of her pussy had pushed him to the brink, but he’d clued in to the fact she needed to be in control. Rob sat in the corner of the spa; Roxy nestled back in his lap. He grabbed the complimentary bottle of massage oil, flicked it open, and squeezed it over his hand.

The bottle floated off and he smoothed the scented oil over both hands. He massaged her breasts from behind again, paying particular attention to the hardened nipples. She arched back into him and, in his sorry state, he felt every movement.

“I want to fuck you so bad.” He spoke the words low into her ear. “I want to ram into you until you scream for me to stop.”


He took his hands from her breasts and spread the massage oil up over her shoulder and neck. Like a brick wall. Rob worked his fingers and thumbs over her knotted muscles. He’d watched the loads she carried to and from the camp, knew she’d be tense. She not only lived in the village, she’d helped build it. He worked his thumbs in circles at the base of the back of her neck and down between her shoulder blades.

Roxy groaned and mewled and let her head fall forward. “Awesome. Love a massage.”

“Feels like you needed it. Carry bricks for a living?”

“Something like that.”

Rob ached for her, but one thing he did know was patience paid off, so he continued rubbing her back and around her waist and worked back up to tweak her nipples.

“As much as I’d like to be inside you right here, I’m not convinced condoms work so well under water.”

She turned around then, and kissed his lips. When her hand squeezed his cock, it was Rob’s turn to close his eyes and groan. She kissed his chest and nipples and increased the stroking. “Do you come every time….for every…client?”

“No.” Technically not a lie.

“I want you to come for me. I want you to enjoy this as well.”

“Roxy, I haven’t enjoyed anything so much for a long, long time.” His hips lifted from the seat when her grip and speed increased. “And that is a fact.”

“Well, then. You won’t mind if I make you come just like this, then, will you?”

The friction and the pressure was such he could only squeeze his eyes shut and shake his head.

He was thick and long in her hand and she wanted to make him lose control. Somehow, if he came too, it made this less clinical, less of a performance on his part. Logic told her that it shouldn’t matter — she’d made a good sound decision and she was the only one with anything to lose, but the woman in her wanted to know this god of a man would remember every damn second with Roxy Williams.

She’d never been much for the look of a penis. Always laughed how they all looked the same given a few individual nuances, but Rob’s was perfect. Smooth, large, and she just bet he knew how to use it. Of course he did.

She worked him, slowly now, squeezing harder. She traced the droplet of excitement with the tip of a finger. He was completely powerless to the impending orgasm; his body tensed impossibly tight, head lolled back, eyes squeezed tight.

Every inch of him was poised to hold back what she wanted the most, to make him come, to be in control, to make him feel something for her, even if only in this moment. Roxy stood to get even more leverage, and pumped, almost yanked him as fast as she could. “If you want to fuck me, you better come on me first. Let me see if your orgasm is worthy of being in my pussy.”

His trembling began.

“Yeah. You love it hard, don’t you? Come on.”

He swelled in her grip, tell-tale droplets glistened on his smooth head. “Rob. Come for me. Come over me.” She demanded in a low growl. The power of having a man at her mercy thrilled her “Next orgasm will be inside me. Fucking my brains out.”

He exploded, with a gruff, throaty noise, pumping and pumping until he lay semi-flaccid in her hand. His mouth powered over hers, his tongue demanding her tongue as if in penance for the way she’d brought him undone. She opened to him and he crushed her body to his.

For all that was good in this world, he was solid between her thighs again. So soon.

There really is a God, she thought. And he is right here with me.

Rob stepped out of the tub and pulled her up with him, never losing the connection of skin on skin until he threw her, wet and hot, onto the king-size bed.

“Condoms, top draw.”

“How do you want it?”

Well, there went the niceties. She liked him more and more. “Hard.”

His grin was almost maniacal, animal, and his eyes flashed a warning. “Oh, you’ll get it hard.” He slid the condom into place and rubbed his length a few times. Roxy couldn’t take her eyes from him until he got her attention with his stone-cold order. “Turn over.”

On all fours now, Roxy arched her arse up to him. He answered her with a sound slap on her butt cheek, and then rubbed the sting away with deft hands. “Your arse is made for spanking. But later.”

Roxy wasn’t sure how she felt about that, but she was sure she wanted to find out. His fingers drilled into her hips held her steady. “You’re so wet. I can see it.”

She felt the round head of his cock at her opening and squeezed as tight as she could. Make him fight for it. “You made me that way.”

“You’ll be a lot wetter by the time I finish.” He pulled back on her hips and slid himself home. The slice of pleasure-pain took her and her back arched so hard Roxy worried her spine would snap.

“Yeah. You wanted it hard. You need it hard. Dirty.”

Another slap rang out on her left bottom cheek and Roxy cried out.

He showed no mercy as he slammed his cock into her. She wanted it more, wanted it harder, wanted it all. He did not let her down. Just when the spitfires began to form before her eyes, his fingers pressed to her throbbing clit and circled there long enough for orgasm to break her apart from the inside out.

She screamed. Screamed dirty swear words. Screamed his name. He kept at her, kept thrusting, circling, and somehow holding her up with one powerful arm. The pressure on her clit increased, and she wanted more. Just when everything in her body said she should be finishing, she wanted — needed — more.

Rob obliged, his hard cock never letting up, and the arm supporting her went away. She face-planted into the soft quilt, the material grazing over her sensitive nipples with every forward movement she made. God, she could stay here for ever, like this. The next orgasm was a foregone conclusion. Then she felt a tickle in the place she’d never had touched before, a slow circular movement around the outside of that most protected erogenous place.

She tensed a little, and he just kept circling, not violating, just teasing her there. “Play with your clit.” His demand was as deep and rough as the cock impaling her. Roxy touched herself, rubbing frantic and fast. His finger behind massaged deeper “I’m going to come.” His voice, desperate and raw.

Rob rammed her with his cock and slid his fingertip inside her untouched place and her body erupted into an explosion of pleasure. Roxy drove her body backwards wanting to be filled everywhere and she could not be sure she didn’t black out for a millisecond.

Rob’s roar seared through the room and he collapsed his body over hers, pulling her to lie on her side, holding her close and still breathing expletives into her ear. She couldn’t agree more. Best fucking sex, fucking ever.

She wondered how many other women he’d pleasured that way. He probably did that to women every day.

“Don’t get any crazy ideas. I’ve never, ever lost it that way before. Intense. Fucking awesome.”

Just add mindreading to the wonderment that was Rob. “I wasn’t worried.”

“If you say so.”

Roxy wasn’t sure she could move, but she had to. This felt far too cosy and emotional for the situation. “I’m going to use the bathroom and grab a cold drink. Want anything?” He let her go and moved off the bed behind her.

“I’ll shower I think, and I need some serious food. Starvin’ Marvin.” He called from the bathroom. “Are we ordering in? Or do you want to go out?”

“Depends.” Just thinking about how he felt inside her had her desire humming again. There was no way any follow up sex could be that good. She heard him washing his hands.

“I may lose the little remaining skin on my dick, but I’m willing to take the risk.”

Roxy laughed. “We’ll get room service.”

She’d paid for the whole night and she’d damn well have it. When her plane left at midday tomorrow, she’d go back a different woman. “Sweet.” Rob sauntered out past the bed and headed for the kitchenette in the living room. She heard the fridge open and close and his glorious, naked self came back in. Perfection in male anatomy. Who needed a commitment?

This was way easier. Buy male company when she needed it.

“So, do you want a drink?” He sipped on a can of lemonade.

“Not right now. I’m going to look online for places that deliver.”

“I’ll grab a shower. Welcome to join me.”

Roxy looked at his cocked eyebrow and half grin and threw her tablet aside on the bed. She’d order later.

Too easy.

Find out what happens next – tomorrow!

20833In the sticky, steamy jungles of Papua New Guinea, they fight for the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people. They didn’t expect to have to fight for their own.

All investigative journalist Roxy Williams wanted was a hot one-night stand: quick, dirty, and completely one-off. A business transaction to ease stress, loosen tension, and allow her to get right back to her job — exposing the heart-breaking realities of people smuggling. So when all hell breaks loose in a small village on Papua New Guinea, the last person Roxy expects to see is her one-night-stand and male escort, Rob, with a boat, a beach, and an escape plan!

Rob is supposed to be long-gone from this assignment, but after their one night together, he can’t seem to let Roxy go. Using all his resources, Rob risks his job to keep track of her — and when a huge storm threatens, he goes after the sexy journalist. Now they’re together, in danger, and fighting for their lives. People smuggling is a big money industry, and the smugglers are playing for keeps.

Above and Beyond – The Beginning: Chapter 3

Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Folks, this is where it gets NSFW.

Chapter Three

Rob knew he should feel bad. God knew he should feel bad. But he couldn’t let the truth ruin Roxy’s day. He’d never been with a woman who felt she could be completely herself. No airs and graces, no worrying what the world thought, no hang ups.

This wasn’t much more an invasion of privacy than being filmed in secret. He never had to see her again; he could save her the embarrassment of ever finding out. His posting would be up as soon as this case was over and back to Tasmania he’d go, to sort the mess out down there. But what he could do, right now, is show a woman he admired for her strength and guts just how desirable she was to a man. To this man.

Give her a night she could take into the future with her, one where she’d never settle for anything less than pure passion in life. In a way, it was also a gift to himself. Once he went back, passion would be a thing of the past. Shit, stop with the warm fuzzy stuff. Rob needed to shut all his feelings off. His future involved doing the right thing, not having feelings.

If he was going to get it wrong, one last time, well, he was going to get it epically wrong.

He watched Roxy pull her shirt off over her head, and step out of her shorts. His breath stopped short. Firm abs, definition. Large swell of milky white breasts in a black lace bra. Slim strong shoulders and arms. Don’t even get him started on the curve of hips in matching panties or the firm expanse of beautifully toned legs.

Yep, his last, big, bad decision was underway, and it would surely prove the best of the lot. “I don’t have a swimsuit here, so I’m just going in my undies.” Her laugh was the best sound in the world.

“No problem. I’ll leave my tight-y whitey Y-fronts on then.”

“Oh, you so do not wear those.”

Rob laughed; she looked so happy, so damn happy. “Come on in, Rob, the water is fine!” The hum of the spa filled the room.

There he was undressed and standing before her in black briefs and his body must have been photoshopped to look that perfect. No more thinking if this was right or wrong. She couldn’t wait to make the most of this opportunity. She’d never been free in her sexuality, not really.

He stepped in and the groan as the hot water bubbled over his body was delicious. She floated towards him and ran her hands over his hard biceps as he lowered into the tub to hold her. “Do we kiss? I mean, do you do that?” She’d heard that it was too intimate an action for some in this business.

“Baby, we do whatever you want to do, however you want to do it.”

So she kissed him. Light, exploratory, almost chaste.

Rob responded in kind, his lips nibbling over hers, making her crazy with his tenderness. All of a sudden, Roxy didn’t have a care in the world. His perfect kiss shook her to the core. Did he take lessons or something?

“You are a very beautiful woman, Roxy.” Rob’s murmur vibrated against her lips as she breathed him in. “Kissable. Edible. Very fuckable.”

“Show me.”

His mouth grazed over her neck, down until he drew on her taut nipple through the lace of her bra, sucking, scraping his teeth ever so slightly. Beneath the swirling water he slid his hand inside her panties. He returned to kiss her mouth, demanding she open wide to let his tongue dance in perfect sync with hers.

Rob pulled out of the kiss. “I want you naked. Now.”

He unclasped her bra and it floated off across the water, then Roxy leaned back on the edge of the tub to remove her panties. She watched him take off his underwear and then he was pressed against her. Skin on skin. She groaned with excitement and shivered with need under the command of his fiery kiss.

His fingers slid inside her tightening sheath and she cried out into his mouth. He pushed up and she wanted more, wanted it harder, and the best part was she didn’t have to worry about telling him exactly that.

This time she’d take a man in the way she’d always dreamed. Total abandonment. Desire, need, and fantasy ruled today, and Roxy would not stop it for anything. She was intoxicated with freedom and the chance to be what she wanted.

Right now, she wanted to be dirty. Very dirty.

She moved her body forward, giving him full access to finger her deep as she widened her legs and attacked his mouth with her panting kisses. Every part of her wanted a part of him close. She bit his neck, sure to mark. He flinched back, and the guttural moan deep in his throat spurred her on to his nipple, teasing and nipping, while her legs splayed open to his thrusting fingers.

The swirling water buoyed them, and he pulled her punishing mouth away from his body using her hair. “Keep that up and I’ll spank you. Tell me what you want. Exactly what you want, when you want it.”

Roxy hoisted herself up onto the ledge at the side of the tub and leaned back against the wall as she opened her legs and parted her pussy wide with her hands. “Eat me.”

His grin was that of a hungry, rabid animal. “Gorgeous, hot, wet pussy. My pleasure.” He tickled her aching clit with his fingertip, fast and light, and slid a finger in with his other hand. Her hot sheath squeezed. “You like that? You want to come?”

“I do. Not yet. Make it last.”

“There will be more than one.”

“How many?”

“Until you push me away and tell me to stop.”

“Eat me.”

Rob almost split his dick. Roxy had no inhibitions and she was completely in tune with her needs. He craved her youthful energy and zest for life. He wished he could see life that way again.

He lowered into the water carefully; if he got his raging hard-on too close to the jet stream, he’d come for sure. “Hold open for me, babe. Tell me what you love.”

He let his tongue movements play over the very edge of her engorged clit. Pink, sweet, and swollen for him. He flicked her bud and her body vibrated.

“Oh fuck. I can’t come yet, it’s too good.” She growled the words at him.

Rob used three fingers to stretch her wide. She clamped around him so hard it took strength to hold up inside her, but the filth coming out of her mouth said she liked it that way. He never withdrew his fingers all the way, just pumped up into her with short, shunting pushes. Her clit glistened in an orgasmic dream and he pursed his lips gently over it, sucking, drawing gently and flicking the hardened end of his tongue over her centre.

Roxy cried out. She cursed. She opened herself wider to him. Rob maintained control and kept the rhythmic suction and tongue work going.

“Harder. I’m going to come. Harder.”

But Rob didn’t go harder. Stopping his tongue assault, he worked her carefully, drawing her delicate flesh into his mouth with metered, precise, soft sucking. He pressed his fingers as far inside her as he could and the tremors began. He took his mouth away and blew a stream of air onto her clit.

“Holy. Fucking. Hera.”

He watched her press her head against the wall, eyes closed. So close now, so very close. He took her with his mouth again and let his tongue play. He teased with the tip, licked with the flat, sucked with his lips. As the orgasm broke through her, she swore — a lot — and his scalp screamed in pleasure-pain when she entwined his hair around her fingers.

She’d never wanted any cock inside her so bad, but she couldn’t stop him and his magic mouth as the waves of orgasm broke through.

To her surprise, he went gentle again. Only her hyper-sensitive clit could feel his every soft flicker and the stream of breath he blew in between. Her orgasm didn’t end. Her body shook and gripped his fingers over and over again. Yet he just kept touching her ever so slightly, working his fingers in and out in long, deep stroking.

Her orgasm had almost subsided. Almost. Then she felt him working a place inside she’d thought was a sexual myth. A G-spot? None of her self-explorations had ever proven its existence. But something was happening with his fingers inside, and the pressure built in her core. His mouth became more insistent, not rough but regular.

“Oh, man. I never…I—” But before she could even think of what she wanted to say, another orgasm crashed through her. Bigger, harder, better. So, so much better and she felt the flood of it around his hand, as he just kept stroking her.

Roxy felt turned inside out as the last of the tremors left her limp and spent.

The second he withdrew from her, she felt empty, frantic with the need to be filled again. “Rob. You have a magic mouth. That was incredible.”

“You have a magic, delicious pussy, and I could eat it all night. So sweet and hot.”

Roxy’s insides fluttered and her heart jumped when he placed his head to her belly, his cheek resting there. His hand held hers, fingers entwined.

Then she remembered she’d paid for this. She’d paid for his professional expertise and that was what she got. Roxy wondered if every woman felt the twinge of it to be real the first time she’d hired a professional.

Chapter four tomorrow – same bat time, same bat place!

20833In the sticky, steamy jungles of Papua New Guinea, they fight for the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people. They didn’t expect to have to fight for their own.

All investigative journalist Roxy Williams wanted was a hot one-night stand: quick, dirty, and completely one-off. A business transaction to ease stress, loosen tension, and allow her to get right back to her job — exposing the heart-breaking realities of people smuggling. So when all hell breaks loose in a small village on Papua New Guinea, the last person Roxy expects to see is her one-night-stand and male escort, Rob, with a boat, a beach, and an escape plan!

Rob is supposed to be long-gone from this assignment, but after their one night together, he can’t seem to let Roxy go. Using all his resources, Rob risks his job to keep track of her — and when a huge storm threatens, he goes after the sexy journalist. Now they’re together, in danger, and fighting for their lives. People smuggling is a big money industry, and the smugglers are playing for keeps.