Thirty Authors – One Story – We Did It

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We thought it would be fun to see if 30 of our talented Escape Artists could collaborate to write one story, a single bite of copy at a time.

It was a grand experiment in creative function and narrative form.  And we really didn’t know what would happen from day to day.

While some of our Artists have met, the majority were strangers linked only by email and Twitter.  They’re scattered across Australia in large cities and small towns, and across the world in Fiji, New Zealand, the United Sates and the United Kingdom.

But they did it.

Start from the beginning and read on for a rocking short story full of suspense, humour and more than a hint of heat.  Oh and fluffy pink handcuffs and a very fine blue towel.

And then come back and vote on your choice of title for story!

Catch up on the Escape before it’s All Over

A Love Story

30 Escape Artists – Across Five Continents – One story – 200 words at a time

Apparently it can be done.

If you haven’t already tuned in, get reading.

You have until March 15 to catch up with the story.

Here’s a quick summary:

Laura is in deep trouble with debt collectors and her scumbag ex-fiancé.  Cormac has the means and the muscle to help her out—but will he sell her out instead?

And what about Reggie?  And the mystery plans on the USB?

Laura and Cormac have shared a steamy kiss but can they share a happy ending?

Start reading A Love Story and come visit us every day for the next 200 word episode!

A Love Story is up and running!


Do we have a story for you!

One man. One woman. One meet-cute. One story told in 200 word episodes.

If you haven’t already tuned in, 30 of our Escape Artists across five time zones are collaborating to write one short story.  There’s a fresh 200 word instalment every day until March 15.

So far we have a wet woman, a man in a towel, an outstanding debt, a gunshot, mace, a crash tackle, dangly bits, a spilled handbag and dyed hair.  Almost anything could happen next.

It’s one heck of an experiment in creativity.

You can catch up on the story on the Escapades blog.

Start reading A Love Story here and come visit us every day for the next 200 word episode.