Avoid cliches like the plague…

by Kate

In her lovely novel Cedar Cove, Lisa Kleypas says,

One of the more ignominious features of love was that you could only express it with cliches…it made you sound like a fraud at a time when you were blazing with sincerity.”

It’s a beautiful paragraph, and it captures so eloquently one of the fundamental frustrations of being a writer – specifically, a romance writer. Cliches are true. Life is short. Days do fly by. Actions do speak louder than words. And sometimes you need a cliche to best express the emotion of a moment.


But there are some cliches that don’t add to manuscript. Some cliches that get your manuscript tossed against proverbial walls. We at Escape love to be helpful, so we put together a list of the most egregious, for your reference:

  • Character description is provided by a character looking at themselves in the mirror and cataloguing their features. Bonus points if the character is a woman, she’s naked, and her breasts are full and high.
  • Character sits at a table/on a train/at their desk/stands at window, sipping tea (or whisky) while reflecting on how they got into this situation
  • Messages appearing in a deep and meaningful dream. According to research, 50% of a dream is forgotten by the end of a dream, and a few minutes later, 90% is forgotten.  Only about 50% of people remember their dreams. It’s possible that dreams CAN contain a message, but it’s unlikely that every fictional character gets their motivation from a dream
  • Character is not white and any or all of the following: street smart and sassy, possessed of deep wisdom or connected to some unspecified mysticism, obsessed with personal honour, deeply connected to nature and the Earth, drives terribly, or smells like curry. Populating your world properly is important; tokenism is cliche and needs to be avoided
  • Character is angsting about being an orphan/being bullied as a child/parent dying/first girlfriend cheating. Character is 35-years-old and has had ample access to therapy which they have chosen not to exercise. Character uses childhood angst as an excuse against a relationship.
  • Heroine is edgy. You can tell because she wears black all the time and has a tattoo.
  • Heroine is very conventionally attractive, is told so repeatedly, meets all conventionally attractive parameters, but nevertheless insists on her own ugliness as a shortcut to displaying her modesty and down-to-earthiness.
  • Hero has muscles that are clearly not gym-begotten. (How can you tell the difference between gym muscles and non-gym muscles?)
  • The ex is a horrible, terrible person who, without any other motivation, exists only to make the hero/heroine’s life miserable and break up any future relationships
  • Honey-blonde hair. Flame-coloured locks. Unruly curls. Steel-grey eyes. Strawberry-flavoured nipples

Think about that – what could possibly make nipples strawberry-flavoured?


Have any cliches that drive you crazy? Share them!

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Feed Your Reader: Scots and Second Chances


From best-selling author Frances Housden comes a brand new historical romance about a Spanish señorita and a strapping Scottish hero…


Love at first sight is all very well, but sometimes it takes a second chance


by Kate

I love friends to lovers stories. The risk involved, the growing feelings, the does-he/does-she agonies, the over-analysis of a look: it’s all my reader jam . And I know I’m not alone in this regard. Romance readers love their romance novel tropes. Whether it’s fairy tale re-tellings, secret babies, or bad boy billionaires (or all three!), there’s a little frisson that dances down our spine when we know that a story contains a hit of our own personal catnip.


We have talked about romance tropes before on The Escapades, from our authors’ perspective. Just like readers, they too have favourite literary conceits, and you can read about them in a blog series we did last year.

But mostly, I just wanted to tell you about a project that we’ve put together for 2017, because we wanted to put the right stories in the right hands. Because we’re readers too. Because everyone deserves a little frisson from time to time.

Trope-tastic bind-ups.

Not by author, not by setting, not even really by theme.

By trope.

So when you are chasing your catnip, you know you’ll find it – three fantastic stories worth.


We’re putting out our first trope-up tomorrow, and we have two more coming out in February, with more scheduled later this year.

So if these tropes tickle your fancy, click through and indulge, dear readers – we already have!





We are so proud to be nominated for nine Australian Romance Reader Awards for books released in 2016!



We acknowledge especially Sarah Barrie, who has two books nominated, and our wonderful Secret Confessions: Down & Dusty authors who have both single title nominations and a nomination for best series.

You can find all the nominees here.

As always, we thank the Australian Romance Readers Association for all their hard work in running the awards every year, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the awards dinner on 25 February.