Obligatory Game of Thrones Post

…because we’re just as excited about its return as the rest of the internet.

So tell us, who’s got the early jump on your favourite S4 GOT relationship?

j&BJamie and Brienne?

GameOfThrones-Margaery-Olenna_01Margery and Lady Olenna?

The-Hound-AryaThe Hound and Arya?

9556140-largeThe classic bromance of Jon Snow and Sam?

Tyrion-Lannister-and-Bronn-the-sellsword-Game-of-Thrones-season-3-episode-1Or other bromance Tyrion and Bronn?

daarioor perhaps Khaleesi and new Daario?


3 thoughts on “Obligatory Game of Thrones Post

  1. Jaime and Brienne are the most fascinating in the books and the show! Daenerys and Josiah Mormont are a close second… Just something about those blondies, I guess.

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