ARRA Nominees – Jennie Jones

Cast a vote for The House on Burra Burra Lane and save my bacon!


Ruby pig here reporting from Swallow’s Fall with trotters a-tremble.

A pig, you ask? Well you see – I’m in the story (along with horses, chickens, some cute kids and a couple of hopeful lovers) and Jennie Jones is unashamedly using my glamorous good looks and delicate temperament to woo you into voting for her book in the finals of the Australian Romance Readers Awards category for Favourite Contemporary Romance.

At stake: a dilapidated house on Burra Burra Lane, the dreams of a man and a woman – and my hide.

I’m hoping you humans will help me out (trotters crossed). If The House on Burra Burra Lane doesn’t get enough votes I may be meeting you in a manner I’d prefer not to – slapped between two slices of white bread on your breakfast table.

Why? Because without voters – there might not be a need for me in book two.

Me as a cute piglet. Honestly – could you eat this?

pig2And how can I tell you what happens in book two IF I’M NOT IN IT.

I’m still young, I only weigh 300 pounds – my life is ahead of me. I don’t want to be a homeless, has-been animal character from a rural romance story on her way to the butchers chop. I don’t want be a sausage either – I want to be a 400 pound pig with a home to call my sty.

And I have feelings. Swallow’s Fall is my home town. I know all the little children and what they want for their birthdays. I know all the secrets (including the apple-saucy ones). I know how this story ends, and I know what Jennie Jones has cooked up for book two …



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