The Inspiration Behind the Story – Jennifer Brassel

In this age of ‘rational’ thinking, most would say that ghosts and demons are mere literary fantasy, but a real life incident makes me think otherwise … at least where ghosts are concerned.

What convinced me is that the incident didn’t happen to me, but to the singularly most sceptical person I’ve ever known … my mother. Anyone who knew my mother understood she didn’t believe in anything but the here and now. Not religion. No afterlife. Nothing magical or fantastic, and certainly not ghosts.

That was until she moved into an old Victorian mansion in Strathfield, Sydney. Her three-room flat came with ‘original’ furnishings … all dark wood and heavy draperies with a king-sized bed on a spring base.

One night, after a late visit to the bathroom, Mum had just gone to bed to read. Moments after she settled, the other side of her bed squeaked loudly and the sheets moved. Stunned, she watched as the pillow beside her indented as if someone’s head pressed down on it. Whoever ‘visited’ stayed about half an hour before vanishing.

Initially, she didn’t believe the evidence of her own senses, but over time her ‘visitor’ returned often. Years later, she told the family about it only after she’d moved because she feared we’d refuse to go there.

Thus I believe.

That house was partly inspiration for the setting of Secret Reflection.

9087A modern gothic romance about scepticism, secrets, and seeing what’s in front of your eyes.

Kelly Reid doesn’t believe in ghosts, even when one appears in front of her. She’s sure the man in her bedroom mirror is a hoax, all she has to do is prove it. But it’s hard to concentrate on hidden cameras and tiny microphones when he seems so real, so engaging, so sad.

Accused of a heinous crime, John Tarrant has been trapped in the mirror for 140 years, neither living nor dead. His only chance at escape is convincing the suspicious woman in front of him that he’s real and desperately needs her help.

Working together to solve a centuries-old crime, Kelly and John race to find the key to his release – and fear what will happen if they succeed. Will their unlikely relationship finally have a chance, or will John’s spirit vanish forever?


6 thoughts on “The Inspiration Behind the Story – Jennifer Brassel

  1. Love it! You mum’s a brave woman. I lived in an apartment that I was convinced was haunted by it’s previous occupant and I couldn’t get out of there quick enough! Can’t wait to read this book.

  2. I’m with Louise. I’d love to know who your mum’s ‘visitor’ was and why they only stayed half an hour. Sounds very intriguing! What a great post and I’m adding Secret Reflection to my TBR list for sure 🙂

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