Dancing in September…

Welcome spring! We’re so darned glad to have you here. We’re so glad, in fact, that we’re offering up ten (that’s right! 10!) fantastic new titles to celebrate.

We have some amazing titles this month, so I hope you’ve got your e-readers primed!

First up, we welcome some Escape Artists, returning with new titles, including Ainslie Paton and Sandra Antonelli. These two ladies have been building up some buzz around the place, featuring on international (USA Today and Dear Author!) and national blogs, in newspapers, and even on the radio. So be sure to check out what they’ve got in store for us next:

18881Detained by Ainslie Paton: Ainslie has built her reputation on thick, meaty, deep, hyper-real stories – this month, she adds suspense to the mix. Detained begins with an anonymous, no-holds-barred game of truth and dare and ends up in a race against time and a Shanghai prison. All they have to do is dare to expose the truth…

18884For  Your Eyes Only by Sandra Antonelli: Featuring mature aged heroes and heroines who know that romance is a life-long dance, Sandra Antonelli’s novels mix humour, family, and pop-culture in fast-paced, fast-talking splendour. This new novel features a scientist double-agent, the lawman nominally on her side, her best friend who’s under suspicion, and a bottle of purple hair-dye.

We’re also thrilled to welcome back…

18883Juliet Madison I Dream of Johnny. At the RWA this year, we announced our new subgenre ‘ro-magic comedy’, contemporary romances with a spark of magic. No one embodies this new area quite like Juliet Madison. In this latest story, readers will meet Mandy who gives a high-tech wish granter a try – only to discover the importance of proofreading when the Greek God she orders arrives…as a geek!

18882Jane O’ReillyShe Who Dares.  Our resident Brit brings us back to small-town England with this gorgeous Ugly Duckling story about a model, her plain-Jane mechanic sister, and the bad boy of rally racing. It’s a fairy tale story with a Top Gear twist, and we just loved it!

18887Anna Clifton – Adam’s Boys. A great read for fans of the emotional, family-driven stories of Kat Martin and Debbie Macomber, Adam’s Boys introduces Adam and Abbie – two people who are right for each other who meet at the the worst possible time – and the consequences of that meeting. Can they move through the pain and mistrust to become the family that they both need?


18885Robin Thomas – Bonjour Cherie. From the imaginative mind that brought us High Stakes comes a fun, flirty, new adult comedy of errors about a girl who has Paris on her mind, and the very Australian bloke whose abs and attitude keep getting in her way.


18889Mary Brock Jones – Swift Runs the Heart.  Love historicals but looking for something different? May we suggest the gold fields of New Zealand? Both Geraldine and Bas escape to the gold fields looking for freedom and independence. Neither expect to find much, much more – adventure, fame, and a deep, complicating love.


We also welcome new Escape Artists to the family…

18886Cathleen Ross – Love, Lust, and Lies. Fans of romance, especially erotic romance, in Australia will already know why we’re so happy to welcome Cathleen to the Escape family. Cathleen’s new novel is intense, erotic, heart-breaking, and redemptive, told in the first-person from Gabriella’s point of view through the break down of her marriage, the expectations of her family and her culture, the attentions of a much younger man, and the rebirth of love and trust in her life.

Our first m/m romance…

18888EE Montgomery – In Another Life. It took us some time to find a m/m romance that we would be proud to publish, but this short story from EE Montgomery took our breath away. Sweet, deep, emotional – it’s a story of second chances, fate, and the risks that love requires. We hope you love it as much as we do.


And a YA that will stay with you long after you finish…

18880Beth Fred – A Missing Peace. Powerful, politic, and deeply poignant, this relationship couldn’t be further from a typical high school romance. Escaping her war-torn home, Mirriam arrives as an Iraqi war refugee in the town of Killeen, Texas, an army town. This new world couldn’t be any more different from the old, but Mirriam is determined to take advantage of her new opportunities. Caleb is an angry, spoiled army brat, with too much pride and too little understanding of the world around him. Mirriam is nothing more than a challenge to him, until she challenges his world view too. Facing opposition from their families, their cultures, and their own prejudices, Mirriam and Caleb must make a decision – be in this together, or say goodbye forever.


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