Weird book behaviour

Me and my mountain of Rachel Vincent books, in front of poor Rachel Vincent at the last ARRA Conference.

Me and my mountain of Rachel Vincent books, in front of poor Rachel Vincent at the last ARRA Conference.

by Kate

I love getting my books signed. Love it. Whenever an author I know and love is within my vicinity, you can bet I’ll have every book I own of theirs ready and waiting for a signature. Even authors that I don’t really connect with, or authors I haven’t even read, but still happen to own a book or two. l am in that signing line.

And none of that ‘just sign your name’ thing for me – oh no – every book I have signed is signed to me, with my name in it too. If I sat down with a psychologist for long enough, we could probably come up with a deep-seated reason why, but I just accept it: it’s my weird book behaviour.

On Friday, I had a conversation with someone who used to work in a library, and she told me that – without fail – romance novels that have step-back covers (don’t know what a step-back is? Here’s an example) come back without the inside part. Apparently, there are readers out there, lots of them, who borrow romance novels from the library neatly rip out the inside cover.

I have no idea what they do with them (do you?). That’s their weird book behaviour. So, I got to thinking…what’s your weird book behaviour?


4 thoughts on “Weird book behaviour

  1. I love step-covers! Some of my favorite Amanda Quick books that I bought (secretly, of course) at the ripe age of 16 had step-covers. My weird book behavior is folding down that tiny dog ear in the corner of my favorite pages. I know that’s blasphemy for some, but I can always find my favorite parts of the book because the page has been folded down so many times!

  2. I too like getting book signed. I may not have read the author, but I might have heard them talk at a convention or on a panel or been to a launch. For me, getting a book signed is like being a part of it all.

    I don’t have any weird behaviours other than buying more books than I can possibly read. However, I must say people mutilating books that belong to the library is really weird. I expect those people are big fans but a too cash strapped to buy their own so they nick a part of a book they like.

  3. I love step-back covers. My weird behavior is with print books. I don’t crack the spines on them. I have books I’ve read a dozen times that still look brand new. 🙂

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