T’was on a Tuesday dark and dreary…

by Kate

that I decided to compile all the book memes I’ve seen in the last month or so that made me laugh. Enjoy!

besides read book hangover deathofcharacters ended up reading featured-photo-300x213 hangover2 harrypotter hunger games interrupted leavemealone marryhim no synopsis olympic-someecard psychiatric punctuation sane unattractive


3 thoughts on “T’was on a Tuesday dark and dreary…

  1. This. Was. Awesome! I’m curious about submitting. Exactly how much romance does there need to be in a MS for it to interest you? How about an urban fantasy focusing more on death and witches than romance (but there’s a little romance tucked in there–it’s just not the main focus)? Thanks! And GREAT post!

    • Hi Ann,
      For our UF line, we’re happy to accept less romance, though there should definitely be a frisson or two (as well as the potential for more romance in the future!). Check out Bek Turner’s Chaos Born as an example!

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