June Blooms New Titles – New Releases Today!


The award-winning Chieftain series continues in a new, full-length novel about duty, determination and the power of love to heal all wounds.


From Anna Clifton comes a sweet, emotional, beautiful romance about a man whose life has been derailed and the unexpected woman who can help him get it back on track.


He’d been an outcast his whole life, but it never mattered with her by his side. Then she betrayed him in the worst way possible, and he will have his revenge.


Lisa Ireland, a brilliant new voice in rural romance, invites you to Linden Gully and the wedding of the year…

Ruby’s are red…Two nominations!

We are so proud and excited to announce our two nominations in this year’s Romance Writers of Australia Romantic Book of the Year (R*BY) Awards.

The winners will be announced August 22nd. Congrats to our Ruby Red Escape Artists, and all the nominees. Good luck!

Nominations in the category of Long Romance Novel…

21489From bestselling author Amy Andrews comes a new single-title romance about putting pleasure before business, and the risks we all need to take when we find someone worth risking everything for.

Samantha Evans’s life is going to hell. Not only has she rage-quit her beloved, high-powered job, but she is suddenly afflicted by hormones, free time, and an unavoidable, unignorable, undeniably gorgeous irritant in the form of Nick Hawke, her extreme sports star neighbour, who has come home to take over the reins of his grandmother’s second-hand bookshop. Sam needs something to keep her from begging for her old job back until she’s good and sure her boss understands how wrong he was, and taking a low-risk, low-stress job helping Nick at the bookstore might be just the thing.

After all, it’s not like Nick is the right guy to help her with her hormones. He’ll just be fun to look at while she searches for the one.

Nick has six months to get over an injury before Everest and a big, fat contract beckon. That means no sports, no danger and, above all else, no risks. It means playing it safe. And Nick Hawke doesn’t do safe. So he’s going to need something to stave off the boredom while selling books he doesn’t read to people who wouldn’t know a carabineer from a crochet hook. What could be safer than hiring a cranky, unemployed accountant to help run the bookstore? Sam is efficient and methodical and messing up her neat, post-it note world could be a fun way to pass the time….

Risky Business mixes the classic romance of Philadelphia Story, the humour and wit of When Harry Met Sally, and a strong, contemporary Australian setting to create a delightful, irresistible, utterly satisfying treat of a novel.

21183Jordan must save her farm from debt and sabotage – can she place her trust in a man from out of town?

Born and bred on the land, Jordan Windcroft is brave and independent. She’s had to be. Her life revolves around running her property almost single-handedly on next to no money, and waiting out her four years of probation — a rap that she took for one of her closest friends for a crime she didn’t commit.

Thankfully there’s an end to her problems in sight. Jordan’s probation period is almost up, and if she can just make the cattle sale, there’s a chance she can pull herself out of more than ten years of serious debt and keep her precious farm. The last thing she needs is for Reid Easton to start monitoring her.

Detective Senior Sergeant Reid Easton drives into Whitewater Creek on a mission to wrap up a three-year drug investigation; his only lead, Jordan Windcroft. The attraction between the two is immediate, but Reid is undercover and Jordan has a secret she can’t risk him discovering. Will either jeopardise their cause, for something as transitory as love – or will they keep their secrets to themselves?

This book is nominated under its original digital format title, Deadly Secrets.

Five Fast Facts for Writers about the Wonderful World of Wattpad

10676146_10154818933210052_4989045166913497110_nA little while ago, I stumbled onto a writing site called Wattpad. Just over a year later, I’m apparently a Wattpad success story, writing under the username, Blondeanddangerous. Three of my Wattpad works have been picked up for digital publishing, including my two Escape titles, Taking the Heat and Heatwave, and my body-image novel The Curves Ahead won a Wattpad Award. I have 73,000 followers who I can message with a single click, Wattpad contracted me to write a short story promotion for the motion picture, The Age of Adeline, and I’ve just signed a commercial fiction print deal with a major Australian publishing house. I can honestly say – none of it would have happened without Wattpad.

While Wattpad notoriety may not equal publishing success for everyone, if you’re looking at sharing your stuff on Watty, here’s the inside info on getting the most from the world’s number one free reading app.

Wattpad is mostly readers
Unlike other sites where you can post your work for details critiques from other writers, Wattpad is almost all readers – over 35 million of them, in fact. If you have a story you need major editing help with, this is the wrong place for that. While readers may occasionally pick up a typo for you, most of the time they are simply there to consume.
If, on the other hand, you’re looking for storyline feedback, Wattpad provides real-time input from readers. If you choose to take a story into new territory, readers will quickly – and loudly – let you know if they approve. And because you can post in serial format, it’s a wonderful way to stay motivated in your writing. There’s nothing quite like having a passionate mob of readers leaving messages like “UPDATE THIS OR I’M GONNA DIE!” to keep you at the keys.


Wattpad readers are young.
Almost half of Wattpadders are 18-30 years old. I’ve found my most popular books feature characters in that same bracket. So while it’s not the best forum for your epic inter-generational story featuring women over fifty, it’s perfect for any tale following young protagonists. One of my more popular titles, 30 Lays in 30 Days, skated right on the edge with a heroine who was 29 – very old, by Wattpad standards.

Wattpad readers lurve Romance and Fan Fiction
These are far and away the two biggest categories on the site – and to be honest, nearly all of the Fan Fic is also Romance. The most read book on the site is Anna Todd’s Harry Styles Fan Fic/Romance After, which has accumulated a mind-blowing 332 million reads. Earlier this year, Watty even launched an ‘adults only’ Romance app called After Dark, featuring the mature-rated content from the site.

With all this in mind, if you don’t write Romance (gasp!) or Fan Fic (I don’t) there are plenty of other categories to post stories in. In fact, Watty welcomes every kind of eclectic sub-genre, and there are supportive forums on the site for all of them.


Wattpad is wildly social
Readers can send you personal messages. Readers can write on your wall. Readers can comment individually on every sentence in every paragraph for every chapter of your work. And they will. It’s not unusual for a vocal reader to comment more than a hundred times while experiencing your story. The good news is you can comment back just as easily. Wattpad almost always sides with the author, so you can delete any comments you don’t approve of, block or mute users from contacting you, or report them to Watty HQ.


This new kind of interaction is actually a blessing – readers feel as though they are connected to you and your work. Author notes are very common; I almost always end chapters with a personal line or two, thanking readers for their support and giving them an expectation of when I’ll update the story again. I have responded to every single PM I’ve ever received (even the bizarre ones looking for sex tips) and I regularly keep my readers across my publishing news. The most successful writers on Wattpad are the ones who engage.

Wattpad evolves
With a global audience of mostly mobile device users, Wattpad is anything but traditional. Writers can add video or images to individual chapters, or dedicate every chapter to a different user. There’s two Wattpad apps, and they’re also on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. They’ve run a Wattpad day in the Philippines where their fan base is gigantic, there are frequent promotions and competitions to enter, and the Watty team are always working on engaging their reading community. Wattpad is about forward thinking and multi-media – perfect for rapidly evolving readership.

So, whether you’re an unpublished writer looking to find readers, or an established author expanding their market, Wattpad is a fun, fast-paced and engaging platform that I can highly recommend for word-smiths everywhere.

24265A fresh, exciting, sexy new voice in contemporary romance, Kate J Squires debuts with a scorching novel about sexy singles, intense competition, a cash prize—and no touching allowed.

Lured by the promise of a million dollar prize, Tara reluctantly signs up for the new hit show Erotic Island, where sexy singles hook up on international television. It’s about as far from her scene as possible, but desperate times call for desperate auditions, and Tara is willing to do almost anything for the cash prize.

The last person she expects to meet when she shows up in paradise in a thong bikini is Chris, a sinfully gorgeous barista with whom she shared a coffee—and an intense attraction. The last time she saw him, he was standing in judgement over her decision to audition. So why is he on the island? Was it all a ploy to throw her off her game and win the prize? And why is the ‘no touching allowed’ rule suddenly so very hard to follow?

Must Love Dogs. And Great Reads. Also Economics.

A reader letter

Dear Kate

I’m hoping you can help me.  I’m looking for a book that has the following:

  • Nervous first meetings
  • Wishful thinking
  • Hook ups in public places
  • Engagements
  • Wedding planning
  • Pregnancy announcements
  • Almost deliveries
  • Cops and robbers
  • Fake religious figures
  • Sunburn
  • Coffee

Ideally it would feature a TV adventurer, a famous football player, a detective, a journalist, a computer geek, a fashion designer, a vet, a wine maker, a bookshop owner, Wonder Woman and Superman.

I don’t want the story to be too long, but not too short either.  I want to be able to read it wherever I am on any device.

I also want it to be free.

In summary, what I’m looking for is a meet cute, broken-hearted, second chance, sweet, sexy story with multiple happy endings.

I’ve heard you’re good at recommending this kind of stuff.

Can you help me out?

Yours hopefully,

Needy Idontwantmuch

Dear Needy

Thank you for your enquiry.  Here at the Escapades blog we specialise in providing the kind of information that inspires readers to get out there and do what they do best—read.

It’s not often we hear such specific requests, but since we cater for all kinds of reading experiences from New Adult to Action Adventure, Holiday, Science Fiction and Rural Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal and Contemporary, with heat levels from sweet to so steamy it smokes, I feel comfortable I’m able to suggest exactly what you need.

It’s called It Happened at Cafe Nix. 

Nix composite cover

It’s one big story featuring 14 Escape authors and it’s free on leading e-book retailers and Wattpad. I’ve provided links below for your convenience

I do hope you enjoy it.

Happy Reading







Amazon US

Amazon Aust

Winter Warmers Kick Off This Month – Check out June’s First Round Releases!

24265A fresh, exciting, sexy new voice in contemporary romance, Kate J Squires debuts with a scorching novel about sexy singles, intense competition, a cash prize—and no touching allowed.


Kicking off a brand new romantic suspense series from Lee Christine is A Dangerous Arrangement: a violinist with a secret, a billionaire with a problem and a race against time set on the beautiful Amalfi Coast.


Introducing Marnie St Clair, a sexy, sweet, seductive new voice in rural romance! She went from having everything to having nothing—except what she really needed.


The final book in Nicole Murphy’s steamy, sexy science fiction trilogy brings back an unforgettable character for her own unforgettable story …

Why is the Future so Exciting?

by Charmaine Ross

Buck_coverMy first foray into The Future was through Buck Rogers, the television series in the eighties – yes I am showing my age. My head filled with moments of wonder and excitement when I watched those images flashing across the TV screen. Imagine my absolute glee when I managed to track down the series on DVD. I ordered them all, sat through the first episode and realised that my adult brain didn’t quite enjoy it as much as my ten year old brain did… Oh well, it was made in the eighties!

However, my imagination and excitement hasn’t changed since I was ten. I still anticipate days ahead with a certain amount of positivity. Why, I wonder? Days ahead, whether they be just around the corner or fifty years down the road are filled with promise and possibilities. They are an open slather, unmarred, unbruised, and filled with hope for better, happy days. They haven’t been lived yet, so no mistakes have been made, no bad things have happened, where everything across the board in my life has the same amount of potential. And I tend to flavour the future with optimism.

I can make of them what I want. The decisions I make today will shape the days, weeks, years ahead, whether it be in the long term, or just for tomorrow. I can create my days ahead simply by putting things into motion today. Then tomorrow I can build on what I’ve done today and keep building, keep creating. I plan for the best and hope that they will turn out how I imaged. Whether this is just wishful thinking, I don’t know, I only know that I enjoy planning my future. It’s an exciting, ever-changing reel of vision.

I’m also excited about the prospect of technology. I can’t imagine that my life in fifty years time will contain the same things as it does now. Maybe computers will be able to connect straight to my brain and I won’t have to key in words and correct my constant typos. Maybe we’ll have robots to cook, clean, wash – all of the things that I personally hate doing. Maybe we can plug intelligence into our brains and learn extraordinary amounts of information in an eighth of the time it currently takes now – and we’ll remember everything we read. Maybe we’ll create a pill that will keep us healthy, looking like we’re twenty when we’re actually one hundred. Maybe we’ll then live to be two hundred years old and still be able to hop, skip and jump until the day we pass onto the next world.

I mustn’t forget, however, how important yesterday is. Filled with golden nuggets of learning, precious gems of memories, even the not-so-good ones. Don’t underestimate the power of the not-so-good days. In reality they have been your best friends, shaping who you are today. Without them, you might not know how to handle that difficult situation, not know how grief feels in order to prepare yourself, you might not know how it feels to lose so that next time you can try harder, faster, study that little bit more, strive that little bit harder. How many times have you asked yourself, ‘If I only knew now what I didn’t know then, I would have done things a lot differently.’ – I’ve said that to myself more than a few times. In reality my one word – duh – says it all in moments like those. Oh, I know them well.

Then again, maybe I just like day-dreaming…

But without daydreams and imagination, there can be no future. Is that why I like sci-fi/futuristic/time travel romps so much? Absolutely. I only know that the future is open slather filled with promises, excitement and possibilities.

Charmaine’s most recent novel features a woman who puts everything on the line for the hope of a better future – until a dangerous adversary moves to town and threatens everything she hopes for. 

20830 (1)

A sexy, sugar-laden David vs Goliath story about a local bakery, a national chain, and what really matters.

Clover Loveday has worked hard to get her café Four-Leaf Clover up and running — her ticket out of an increasingly alarming financial situation and her dream come true. When she literally falls off her ladder into the arms of sexy-as-sin Liam Sinclair. The same Liam Sinclair who owns the new bakery being built just across the road…the new store by bakery chain Upper Crust owner! Clover decides then that no matter how nauseated she is about the idea, it is best keep your enemies close, rather than leave things to fate.

Liam has never put too much thought into the competition when he opens a new outlet, other than taking their customers and strengthening the Upper Crust brand. But here in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, Clover Loveday’s cafe is a little too close for comfort, and Clover herself a little too good-looking. So Liam asks his PA to put together a ’fact sheet’ about his new competition. He has a business to run, a father to please, and hundreds of people to keep in jobs. Surely information can keep an unwanted strong sexual pull at bay…

A sweet, caffeinated, satisfying story about unexpected temptations, forgiveness, and putting love before money.

Lady Parts – a Year-Long Celebration

Our delightful, devious author Rhyll Biest featured on BuzzFeed this morning. Visit the original post here, or check it out below!


January: Ovaries, like fluffy die, come in two-packs. Don’t rip them out to play craps, though, because they’re oval, not six sided. There’s one on the driver’s side of the uterus and another riding shotgun to the left. Ladies, if the cat eats both ovaries while you’re asleep you’ll know because you won’t ovulate anymore. Not having heard of Playstation or xtreme sports, ovaries spend all their time producing eggs and are also card carrying members of the endocrine system, which is not a galaxy far, far away, but a fancy-pants term for something that produces hormones. While you go about being a decent, productive member of society, your ovaries are cooking up oestrogen and progesterone in their crazy meth kitchen.

February: Quite the little diva, an egg relies on hairs in the fallopian tube to bear it towards the uterus. Some eggs have even been observed standing at the top of a fallopian tube screaming for a taxi. This process of the ovaries producing, storing and releasing eggs into the fallopian tubes is called, rather boringly, ovulation. Better marketing would have seen it called EGG-XTREME FALLOPIAN LUGE or SHREDDING REPRODUCTIVE PIPE. The eggs loll about on the street corners of the uterus, playing loud, obscene rap music, using foul language, smoking crack, and freaking with absolutely any old sperm that blows by. The eggs can get quite snippy if the baby-batter fails to appear and jettison themselves out of the uterus in an angry red menstrual huff.

March: The fallopian tubes are the spaghetti straps on the foxy ginch gown that is the reproductive system. Fallopian tubes have fringed ends and somebody needs to drop a word in their ear that fringing on top of spaghetti straps is just a tad too-too and that less is more unless they want to look like a Dolly Parton impersonator.

April: All that I can say about the cervix is that she hates being kissed by an oversized disco stick. In fact, whenever cervix reads this in a novel she cringes.

May: The clitoris is the CIA operative of the snizz—small and clandestine (and apparently undetectable to some) it’s located toward the front of the vulva where the folds of the labia join. Ladies, always remember it’s your loyal lady-friend and it loves you, so don’t lose it.

June: All muscle and no brains, the uterus longs to challenge The Rock to a wrestling match. Thwarted in this ambition, some uteruses become enraged and ensure that painful monthly menstrual cramps ensue. Unlike The Rock’s biceps, the uterus muscles can expand enough to accommodate a baby and then contract sufficiently to deliver it. In the uterus’ mind, this means it has all the talent but The Rock gets all the fame. Ladies, don’t be surprised if an FBI profiler tracks death threats made to The Rock back to your uterus. Best not to allow your uterus access to pen and paper. And watch out for uterine horns.

July: Unlike men’s junk, the human female’s reproductive system is designed much like Ikea furniture. Lots of expandable storage space all tucked away out of sight. If the vulva came in pine we’d know for sure that Ikea had been involved in their design. The vulva is the external part of the female reproductive organs and is pretty dependable in that you and your friends can always find it chillaxing in the same place between your legs. Your vulva takes care of all its little reproductive homies by covering them. Somebody trying to get through your vagina’s opening to steal your reproductive organs? “Not on my watch,” says the vulva. Vulva actually means ‘covering’ in Latin which means that in Hollywood shoot-outs people could say “Vulva me, I’m going in!”

August: The fleshy area located just above the top of the vaginal opening is called the mons pubis. A wee bit pretentious, your mons likes to speak French with a lisp and often refers to its lady-garden neighbours as ‘mes amis’. Always keep berets out of its reach.

September: Two pairs of skin flaps called the labia (which means lips) surround the vaginal opening. They have the distinction of being the only adult female lips in the world which do not have lipstick foisted upon them (though if lipstick were to be made for them, I’d like to see a signature shade called ‘Hot Merkin Mama’).

October: Ladies, you have a vestibule. Say whaaat? I’m not shitting you, the vulval vestibule is the lobby or entrance hall of your vulva and the obvious place to hang festive decorations.

November: The Lacunae of Morgagni is part of the urethra. Swimming in the Lacunae is discouraged.

December: Wolffian vestiges. Okay, I don’t even know how to explain this one. I think it might be like a White Walker that lives between a woman’s legs.

Rhyll writes about sexy Teutonic men who know their way around lady parts. Check out Stein in her novel, Unrestrained.


A guarded recluse, some dirty pictures and a spark of curiosity that leads to a dangerous attraction.

When the reclusive Holly accidentally finds some very naughty photos, both the star – all inked muscle and attitude – and the way he’s tied his lady friend to his four-poster bed make her more than a little curious.

But to get to know the big, built stonemason better, she’ll have to overcome his vengeful ex and her own inhibitions – and pray that the walls she’s built around her guarded heart and dark secret remain safe from a man who has a way with stone.

‘One of the funniest, smartest and sexiest erotic romances I’ve read.Unrestrained has a balance of emotional intensity, humour, and heat that is rare and incredibly special.’ – Love Reading Romance


Four Things I Learned Writing a Rural Setting

By Eva Scott

Here are the four things that I learned while writing my new rural romance, Red Dust Dreaming

1. The importance of a subject-matter expert

It’s not enough to research the hell out of a subject/place, you also need to have a subject matter expert who can check over your work for any slips or mistakes you might inadvertently make. During the writing of Red Dust Dreaming I had a wonderful expert in the form of Dr Sally who is not only an expert on Aboriginal art, but visits Yuendumu regularly. She was invaluable in guiding me through the intricacies of interracial and intercultural exchanges. She saved me from making an innocent blunder and gave the story authenticity.

2. Google Earth rocks!

If you can’t physically get there, then Google Earth is your best friend. It can take you right down to street level and give you a sense of the place you’re writing about. It’s invaluable for checking the look and feel of a place. Combine this with your subject matter expert and you’re well on your way to writing something believable without leaving your desk.

3. Write about something that interests you

I was lucky enough to get a private tour of an Aboriginal art exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery which set fire to my imagination. This new-found fascination took me on a wonderful journey of discovery and introduced me to some amazing people. When those dog-days hit, the ones where the words just won’t come, the subject matter always managed to re-inspire me and get me back in the game.

4. Be careful of secondary characters!

They have a habit of rising up and taking over the lime light. In Red Dust Dreaming the offending character is Thelma, the housekeeper. She’s strong, sassy and sharp. Reviewers picked up on her straight away and she threatened to steal the show. Back into your box,Thelma!

23722In the battle of duty versus desire, only one can survive the hot Australian sunshine.

Elizabeth Langtree’s has her life in order – safe, organised, planned. Sure, she has her troubles, but they are nothing she can’t handle. Then everything is turned upside down when her family send her to Australia to collect her orphaned nephew.

It all seemed so simple in New York, but Australia is nothing like she expected, and she soon falls under the spell of the Outback – the station, the lifestyle, and the seriously sexy owner who has been caring for Luke since the death of his mother.

Elizabeth soon discovers that what seemed simple a world away is anything but, and her duty is at odds with the dictates of her heart. She must choose, knowing that a mistake will not only cost her everything, but destroy the future of a devastated little boy.

In Defence of the C-Word

This blog comes with a strong language warning!

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of participating in the Sydney Writer’s Festival’s first genre romance panel. With me were authors Avril Tremayne and Victoria Purman, and we were masterfully moderated by romance scholar Jodi McAlister. The panel covered romance from its roots, through feminism, heroism, sex (and sexism), and back around to a happy ending.

But an audience question raised an issue that I think has broader implications than the festival and the people we spoke with on Saturday.

That issue, gentle readers, is the word ‘cunt’.


The naming of female genitalia has a long and troubled history, particularly when it comes to describing it within a sexual context – not least of which because how women and their bodies felt (both emotionally and physically) in a sexual context wasn’t of import for a very very long time. Further, when it came to sexual descriptions, the woman was frequently equated with her sexual organs, that is the hero sunk into ‘her’, or ‘she clutched at him’, where the woman became only her sexual organs, where everything felt or done by her vagina and vulva are done by  her whole self.


So authors trying to first, distinguish a woman from her sex organs and second, describe her pleasure, arousal, feelings, and physicality, were fighting an uphill battle. They were also fighting a battle of modesty and culture and context, and from thence sprang the purple prose that so many critics like to drag out and expose to the harsh, cruel, contextually unforgiving light of modern critique. The moist caverns, the weeping grottos, the soft petals, and delicate flowers.


Flash forward to a time when (ostensibly) sexual equality has been achieved, and women are free to explore their own sexuality, desire, and pleasure. There’s still the ongoing, historically-laden issue of labels. And that’s where cunt comes in.

Everyone will have differing reactions to the word – after all, on a scale of one to vulgar, the c-bomb tops the list. There is nothing more offensive, and nothing more taboo. (The implications of that are for discussion at another time). But for me, as an editor, and a reader, and a woman – honestly, I quite like it. And I’m happy to tell you why.


Let’s look at the options:

Vagina – well, this is clinically true, but vagina means ‘sheath’, and a definition of the female sex organ in relation to the male sex organ just seems counter-productive.

Pussy – this gets a bit of play, and it’s one of the words that comes out in porn and male-written sex scenes. There’s a bit of an allure to it, a soft, sibilant word, but it’s a child-like word, all susurrations. Pussy is an ingénue, delicate, gentle, waiting for something to happen to her.

Vulva – while certainly better than vagina (and more correct), this word struggles with a bit of a choking, throat clearing effect. Vulva is a quiet word, unassuming, hiding away in the mouth, not wanting to draw attention. Vulva is your naughty librarian – sure, she may be wearing dirty lingerie, but you’ll never know it behind the starch and the grammatical correctness.

Cunt – now this is a word of a different colour. Cunt is a lady who can hold her own. She’s all hard consonants and sharp endings. She knows what she wants, and she powers through to get it. She owns it. This is a red-blooded, pleasure-seeking, power-owning word. This is high heels, red lipstick, or track pants and a hoodie. She’s whatever she wants to be, and no one can get in her way.

Consider the euphemisms for ‘penis': dick, prick, cock. Who are you going to send in to meet them, on equal footing, a playmate, a lover, a foil? When faced with cock, who do you think is up for the job?


She’s not the word for every situation, but she’s the word to keep in your back pocket, your secret weapon, your power. Cunt. She doesn’t need you, but you might just need her.

May Titles Bloom Into Life

For your reading pleasure!

23731Six Feet Under meets Stephanie Plum in Amy Andrews’  fresh, funny, sexy urban-family noir about a country singer who almost made it, a private investigator who’s seen too much and a mother who will cross all barriers to save her child.

24128Revisit Swallow’s Fall in this beautiful short novel from Jennie Jones about an ex-military man, a single mother and the impossibility of dreams coming true.

24083From the author of the romantic horror debut Beckoning Blood comes the gripping sequel that mixes blood, sex, and magic.

Finally, all the Housewives are together at last – with four bonus stories…

24129Secrets Revealed! Bonus four epilogues, exclusive to this digital bind-up!

You’ve never met housewives as hot as these…They’re wealthy and glamorous. The elite of society. But appearances can be deceiving.